Is it really so hard to post the ACTUAL picture of a pin on eBay?

The artistic representation of the Jessica “J” pin from PinPics. A terrific site for referencing pins.

If you are new to collecting pins, you must visit PinPics.  It’s a terrific site.  I wish I thought of it first.  It’s a site maintained and updated by fans FOR fans of Disney pin collecting.  Sometimes they have pics of pins before the pins are even released.  It’s pretty insane.  Except for the occasional lack of information (whoever submitted the pic didn’t put the cost, release date, description, LE, etc.), it’s a fantastic place to reference your pins and see which ones you are missing from your collection.  I wish the photos were bigger, but given the HUGE number of pins in the database and I’m sure what is at least somewhat limited hard drive space, that would be pretty impossible to make them much bigger in quality and size.

The thing that bugs me are those people who post auctions on eBay and use the PinPics picture.  Like I said, the quality of the picture is often diminished (no fault to PinPics), but the real bothersome part is that I can’t tell at all what the ACTUAL pin looks like!  Now for the most part, even people who do use the PinPics photo are offering high quality pins, but I would like to see a better quality picture and if at all possible the pin I will be getting.  Sometimes the pics on PinPics are illustrations of the pins and not the actual pins themselves and there is a big difference between an artistic representation of the pin and “the pin.”  Often “the pin” looks WAY better.  But a small pic or a pic with low resolution or an illustration of the pin can’t show blemishes, discoloration, actual coloration, or detailed features that may be important to a collector.  One example for me are the Jessica Rabbit pins.  I don’t know who designs each one, but for me some are much better than others.  Even among the authentic ones (and there are LOTS of fakes and fantasy pins out there).  The face on some of them looks sexy and alluring.  On some it looks attractive and innocent.  On others it looks deformed.

The ACTUAL pic of the Jessica “J.” Notice the detail and the more in depth coloring from the picture. A benefit for both collectors and sellers.

I don’t know why.  I mean I KNOW why – different artists have different interpretations, but some of them are just not that great to look at.  It’s not always easy to see that kind of detail without a good picture and in today’s day and age of mobile phone cameras, it’s also not that difficult to do.  I think it would actually be more time consuming and difficult to do it the OTHER way.

If you are posting auctions on eBay, please do us all a favor and use a real picture instead of copying from someone else.

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