Sailing the Seven Seas…with Pins!

If you love pin trading, you can find opportunities to practice your hobby at virtually any Disney location – even on the high seas!  That’s right.  If you’re thinking of taking a Disney cruise or have already planned one, you’ll have a unique opportunity for pin trading right on the ship.  Bring some pins with you and prepare to add even more fun to your already fun-filled adventure.  We’ve been fortunate enough to go on two Disney cruises already and on each one there were many pin-trading opportunities. First of all, every Disney cruise has unique pins available for that particular itinerary.  Whether you are going to the Caribbean or to Hawaii or Alaska, there are pins specifically for your trip, but you’ll have a greater selection early on in the season.  On our Alaska cruise, which we took in August, some of the pins were already sold out before we even got on board!

One of the PWP pins available on our Alaska cruise

There are also other limited and open edition pins available.  For instance they have Captain’s Choice pins which, while not technically limited, do get retired.  They also have PWP pins available (pin with purchase) that are exclusive to the Disney Cruise Lines and these pins are great for trading and also for collecting.  If you’re lucky they’ll even have limited edition pins available from previous cruises for sale!  I was able to pick up some great LE trading pins for less than half of their normal price and they were beautiful.

There are many pin trading opportunities on board.  One of the best is the pin trading meet and greet that they hold on board during a select night on the ship.  The captain and many of the crew come down to the main atrium and will trade pins with you from their lanyards.  For the most part they primarily have Hidden Mickey pins from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World available, but if you’re lucky you’ll find some unique Disney Cruise Line pins too!  I even found some of those Captain’s Choice pins I mentioned earlier.  And the same rules for pin trading apply to cast members (including the Captain) on board the ship.  During the meet and greet, you’ll get a chance to meet other pin traders although I would have to say that not many of them brought very many good trading pins, so if you’re really serious about pin trading, you’ll likely find very few who have anything outside of the Hidden Mickey pins.

One of the port specific limited edition pins you can often get on board a Disney Cruise

Other opportunities for pin trading include a pin book that on the Disney Wonder is located in Mickey Mates (I’m sure other ships have their pin books located in similar locations).  I would advise going early since it seems they refresh the book very rarely during the cruise.  Also, be wary of scrappers and fakes as they seem to be quite prevalent in the pin book (if you don’t know, a scrapper is an overrun pin that is of lower quality and a fake is exactly that – a forged copy of a pin that is also of lower quality).  They also have a daily pin trading time where a cast member will be available with the pin book and sometimes you’ll meet other pin traders who would be willing to trade with you.  We went to the Disney Vacation Club presentation and there they gave us a DVC pin exclusive to the cruise also.  On the cruise (and now also available at Disney is a Disney Cruise Line lanyard that I like better than any other lanyard I have.  It comes attached to a velcro wallet which is supremely handy on the ship and in general for use in the parks.  A definite must have if you are a pin trader!  Well, I hope this helps your expectations about pin trading on the high seas!  Enjoy!

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