Disney Foodie Spotlight: Flying Fish Cafe at WDW

Dining at the chef's table at Flying Fish Cafe
Dining at the chef’s table at Flying Fish Cafe
Chef Yumi preparing some mighty tasty food

One of my favorite Disney foodie places is definitely the Flying Fish Cafe on the Boardwalk at WDW.  If you’ve been there, you already know why it’s one of the best places to eat.  If you haven’t, you need to go next time you’re in Orlando.  The experience is simply one of the best I’ve had.  The first time we went it was a family affair.  We were spending the night at the Boardwalk Inn, heading toward our first Disney Cruise and decided to find a place to eat close by.  We looked at the menu and thought it seemed nice so we stopped by and told the hostess outside that this was our first time.   She recommended sitting at the chef’s table and asked if we would like to sit there.  We said, “Sure” not knowing what to expect.  Thank God for brilliant cast members!  What a delectable feast that was!  The outside has this huge neon sign that’s hard to miss.  The decor on the inside is hard to explain.  It’s stark and beautiful in taste, but I would say maybe it’s a neo-classical contemporary boardwalk design.  That’s my sort of guess at what it looks like.  It’s definitely what they call a Signature Dining experience.

Yummy mushroom soup
Yummy mushroom soup
The luxurious potato-wrapped snapper
The luxurious potato-wrapped snapper
Creamy risotto
Creamy risotto

Because the menu changes frequently and seasonally (especially the veggies) I can’t tell you for sure what they will have.  The menu is simply seafood and steak, but there’s nothing simple about it except perhaps the simple elegance of each dish.  The first time we came they had truffle fries which were heavenly.  But the next couple of times I stopped by, no such luck.  Still I can’t complain.  Between the luxurious mushroom soup, the exploding with flavor potato-wrapped red snapper, to the simply creamy risotto – I haven’t missed out on much.  Now, I’ve had the potato-wrapped snapper at least twice and I highly recommend it.  It is just heavenly perfection on a plate.  When it comes out you almost don’t want to eat it because it looks so scrumptious, but please do eat it.  Or send it to me!  The side dishes are a bit pricey, but each one is quite tasty.  Still make sure you don’t fill up on sides and really dig into your main dish.

Now, if you’re looking for some romantic dining, there is plenty of wonderful seating in the dining area itself, but for a special treat, try sitting at the chef’s table.  The chefs are very friendly and will interact with you when you are dining.  It’s fun to watch them prepare the dishes and being able to see into the open kitchen is fun by itself. The first time we came, we didn’t even have to reserve a table, but I think we were particularly lucky being able to sit where we did.  I would definitely recommend you call ahead to get that kind of seating.  The wait staff is exceptional and each time I’ve come they have been like caretakers rather than employees.  Water always filled, questions answered kindly, and attentive but not excessively.  Prices at this Signature Dining experience are a bit high for the average budget.  Disney quotes about $36 – $55 per person and I would say that $36 is definitely on the low end.  I think each time we’ve gone, my food has been about the $50 range.  I would have just water (and then would splurge on soup or some appetizer), a side dish, and a main dish and that would take me right up there.  Still, if you can afford to go, don’t miss out.  Especially if you like seafood, steak, or just a really memorable experience.   You can’t go wrong at this exceptional restaurant!

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