Earl of Sandwich Is Royally Affordable: Disney Foodie Spotlight

I love the Earl of Sandwich.

Now, is it truly the “World’s Best Hot Sandwich?”  That’s up for debate.  But if you want a nice, simple, tasty meal at a reasonable price this is the place to go.  Earl of Sandwich only recently re-opened at the Disneyland resort, but has been around at Walt Disney World continuously since 2004.  In fact, the entire chain began at Disney’s resort destination in Orlando, FL and was founded by none other than the ACTUAL Earl of Sandwich.  And as you would expect, they specialize in well…sandwiches! I’ve tried their signature sandwich a few times – the 1762 that features hot roast beef, sharp cheddar cheese, and horseradish sauce.  The cheddar isn’t as sharp as you might imagine, being more on the mild side, but the horseradish sauce is just right.  Not so overwhelming that it overpowers the sandwich, but enough strength that it coats the mouth with a pungency in a great way.  The beef is nice.  Not what you might get at some of the finest steakhouses, but for a quick-stop sandwich place?  It’s a cut above the rest.  I’ve also had the Tuna Melt which was a little empty on flavor in comparison.  Don’t get me wrong – the quality of the sandwich is unquestioned, but for a melt, there definitely needed more cheese and the bread is more like a panini rather than the classic slices you would normally have with a tuna melt.  The thickness of the bread makes it feel like there’s too much of it.  And the tuna doesn’t have enough other flavors to overcome the taste of simply biting into tuna out of a can.  There are so many other sandwiches that look good and that my friends have had that taste good that I can tell you my experience with the tuna melt wouldn’t hold me back from going again.  And in all honesty, despite it’s faults, the tuna melt is STILL a good sandwich.  It just doesn’t measure up to its sister sandwich, the 1762.  But you should check out the variety of other tasty temptations they have on the menu.  Everything from meatball and Italian sandwiches to wraps and salads.  The Earl of Sandwich has enough diversity to fit a variety of palettes, but not so much that they get away from what they do the best – make sandwiches.

A great selection awaits you at the Earl.

However, a sandwich isn’t the only thing on the menu.  They have a nice variety of sides to compliment their tasty sandwiches.  The coleslaw and the potato salad, while good, are not GREAT.  You wouldn’t go for the sides, but they do a nice job of providing contrast for the sandwiches.  The “pasta” salad is macaroni salad and for me was the least tasty of the three.  But one thing that was a standout is the potato chips.  Made like kettle chips, these are a great counterbalance to the sandwiches.  The flavors are sharp, crisp, and explosive in your mouth.  Definitely, if you’re getting a sandwich you need to order some chips to go along with it.  My favorite is the sea salt and vinegar, but they have BBQ, original, and even baked (for you health conscious folks).

Created by the actual descendants of the original Earl of Sandwich.

The best part about Earl of Sandwich?  The price.  EVERYTHING is reasonable.  With so many expensive options, it’s nice to come to a simple place serving tasty food for a good price.  Definitely better than your average sandwich shop, “The Earl,” as those of us in the know call it, is worth going to.  You may have to wait in a line though as word of this place continues to grow.  Still the service is quick, the sandwiches are good, and like I said, the price is great.  What’s even more nice is that this small chain hasn’t forgotten it’s theme park roots.  You can find an Earl on both coasts now – Downtown Disney on the East and West coasts – and even one at Disneyland Paris!  Maybe I’ll see you there.

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