5 Reasons to Be Excited About Christmas at Disneyland This Year

UPDATED November 2014

There are far, FAR more than 5 reasons to be excited about the Disneyland Resort during the Christmas season.  From attraction overlays, to holiday food, to holiday fireworks, the reasons seem endless. But these are the five reasons I think you should be especially excited about Christmas at Disneyland Resort:

Poster for the Jingle Cruise courtesy of the Disney Blog
Poster for the Jingle Cruise courtesy of the Disney Blog

1. Holiday Time at Disneyland Resort Tour – This was such a fun tour! Definitely one of the best at the resort and only available during the holiday season.  Not only do you get exclusive treats, an exclusive pin, and premium VIP seating at the parade, but you also have front-of-the-line privileges to all the holiday overlay rides!  Click on the link above for a full review.

it's a small world holiday attraction is getting a makeover of its layover!
it’s a small world holiday attraction is the longest running attraction holiday overlay at Disneyland

2. Special Holiday Rides – Speaking of ride layovers, there are three wonderful ones all at Disneyland – it’s a small world holiday, Jingle Cruise, and the classic Haunted Mansion Holiday.  All are fun and special AND disappear in Jan 2015 so go on them today!

3. World of Color – Winter Dreams – In case you thought that only Disneyland was getting the best holiday upgrades, how about this?  An entirely new World of Color show!  Called World of Color – Winter Dreams, it features Olaf from the movie Frozen.  Set on the waterfront of Paradise Pier, this show makes it’s holiday return from a successful premiere last year.  Make sure to get your Fastpass for the show early in the morning (right after you get your Fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers).

4. Freshly Made Candy Canes – You might think, really?  Why would you look forward to this?  Go down to the store and buy some for a dollar.  But this is a holiday tradition and for those in the know (and that means you), you don’t want to miss out on this.  Only 120 are made per day, four days a week, and you have to get a wristband just to buy ONE! Read all about my candy cane experience here on the Disney Nerds blog.

Disneyland's Candlelight Procession - a holiday treat!
Disneyland’s Candlelight Procession – a holiday treat!

5. Candlelight Processional – Simply an amazing, AMAZING show.  The wait is not for the feint of heart, but if you’ve never seen it and Christmas is a special holiday for you, it’s definitely worth it.  You can read about my experience from 2013 here just by clicking the link above.

These are my top five reasons to be excited about Christmas at Disneyland this year.  Hope to see you at the Park and Merry Christmas!!!

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Be Excited About Christmas at Disneyland This Year

  1. I’m really looking forward to your report about the new holiday Jungle Cruise! That and the World of Color. We let our annual passes lapse earlier in the year but we’re seriously thinking of renewing them so we can go to the parks multiple times during Christmas.

    1. Definitely worth renewing, but I’m sure you know that during the week of Christmas only Premium Passholders can get in. I’m definitely going to try and get some candy canes this year!

  2. We activated our new SoCal passports on Dec. 5 so we can do two Christmases at Disney this time for the price of one. I was blown away by this year’s World of Color, even if it was two-thirds Frozen. (Hey, I like Frozen!) Haven’t the Haunted Mansion holiday overlay yet or the Christmas fireworks, though we did do the Jingle Cruise and Small World, but fingers are crossed that we’ll get to them, along with the castle lighting (can’t miss the artificial snow) before the blockout starts. And I’m blogging myself silly in my Into the Infosphereblog and filling SD cards with photos to document the experience. I’m tired but happy just thinking about it.

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