Just In Time for the Holidays: Top 10 Disney Stocking Stuffers

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another festive holiday this time of year, tiny gifts always seem to be needed.  In the spirit of tiny gift giving, here are some great ideas for the loved ones in your life – big or small.

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Vinylmation: Always a popular gift, you can find these sweet little stocking stuffers at Disney theme parks, Downtown Disney, and Disney Springs.  On my last trip, I saw Designer Series 2 in stock at Wonderground Gallery and thought these were incredibly creative.  Featuring “arch enemies,” on one side is the hero and the other is the villain.  These will set you back about $15.

Hot Wheels: I know this may seem to be a “kids toy” but there are plenty of Hot Wheels collectors out there and for an investment of $0.99 how could you go wrong?  Currently they have Star Wars planets featured on the sides of Hot Wheels cars, but they have had the Avengers and other Star Wars characters, too.

Disney pins come in all shapes and sizes...and holidays!
Disney pins come in all shapes and sizes…and holidays!

Disney Pins: Being a big pin collector myself, how could I not include these in my list? There are always so many different styles to select.  From holiday themed pins to limited edition to your favorite Disney / Marvel / Star Wars movie characters, you could find one to appeal to almost anyone.  During the holidays, the theme parks also release special pins that only come with $75 gift cards, so if there is someone you know who loves both Disney and Disney pins, it’s the perfect gift.

LEGO: Most of the time we think of LEGO we think of big sets, but they have little ones, too.  My favorites are the Star Wars Microfighters ($9.99) which come with full size minifigures to go along with it.  They also have a great Mighty Micros Marvel-themed set that pairs villains and heroes together ($9.99) and of course the Disney Minifigures ($3.99) which are about to retire so pick those up quick!

Alex and Ani: If you want to get something special in the way of jewelry for the Disney fan in your life, Alex and Ani have a great line of bangle bracelets available for you.  With everything from empowering messages, cute characters, and even Star Wars, you’ll be able to find something that appeals to the person who loves to collect these bracelets.  They even retire them for added value.  And for the holiday season, Alex and Ani just released a holiday line of bangles ($44.95) on the Disney Parks online store (although it looks like they are already almost out).  You can find tons of other Alex and Ani bracelets in the parks, too.

Pandora: Not to be left behind are the beautiful charms and bracelets in the Pandora line.  Also featuring Disney icons and characters, these pieces of jewelry are intricate and highly collectible, but also a little on the pricey side.  Individual charms go from $40 up to $400 and generally hover in the $75 range (and that’s WITHOUT the bracelet).  But if you’re willing to spend the money, these are high quality, beautiful pieces that will please any Disney fan.  These can be found online through the Disney store or in the theme parks.

Tsum Tsum: If you haven’t discovered the world of Tsum Tsum yet, these adorable little guys are fluffy pill shaped versions of your favorite Disney / Marvel / Star Wars characters.  You can find them in plush of all sizes as well as little packets of plastic collectible toys.  Tsum Tsum seem to be invading everywhere so be on the lookout for them at your favorite store or online at places like Amazon. You can even get a Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar!

Moana Deluxe Soundtrack: If you’re looking for a great piece of Disney music for someone’s stocking, the Moana Deluxe Soundtrack is the way to go.  Filled with lots of hidden treasures by Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) and featuring his voice as well as Hamilton alum Chris Jackson, newcome Auli’i Cravalho, and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), this is one of the best movie soundtracks ever.  And at under $15 it’s hard to beat.

Star Wars Cocktail Shaker: For the adults who like to “shake” it up a bit, this Star Wars-themed cocktail shaker with SHAG design is perfect.  Available for purchase at Wonderground Gallery, there are all sorts of great knickknacks for tiny gifts including magnets, postcards and cups.  There are also awesome huge and expensive gifts too for the art lover in your life.  If you’re at the park anyway, maybe you want to buy them Star Wars-themed Disneyland attraction cups to go along with it.

Theme Park Tickets: Hard to beat tickets to your favorite Disney theme park as a terrific stocking stuffer.  Maybe a trip for you and your significant other or even the whole family?  After seeing all of this great Disney memorabilia and fun stuff to buy, a trip might just be in order.  Hope to see you there!

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