Ulu Cafe – Grab and Go At Aulani Steps It Up A Notch: Disney Foodie Spotlight

Mickey Musubi

Aulani takes a standard Hawaiian treat and elevates it Disney style.  The fun hand-held spam musubi – rice and spam surrounded by a seaweed wrap like a spam burrito – gets a Mickey shape.  If you want one of these tasty snacks, make sure to get them before they are gone.  They come out for lunch at 11am and once they are out, they’re out for the day.  As popular as they are, they are a lunch only item.

Mickey Musubi – taking a Hawaiian product and giving it a tasty Disney twist

Location: Aulani, A Disney Resort
Type: Quick service
Specialty: Fresh pastries, daily specials, and Mickey musubi
Cost: About $15 per entree
Craig’s Favorite: Gluten-free chocolate nut muffin if you can believe it and the kalua pork flatbread

The fun thing about Ulu Cafe is the variety.  Each meal features different items.  While there are plenty of hot items at breakfast like gravy and sausage flatbread (a Hawaiian version of biscuits and gravy?), to me they are best known for their pastries and morning muffins.  They serve these delicious little donut-like pillows called malasadas in sugar, cinnamon sugar, coffee sugar, and chocolate sugar flavors.  Cinnamon sugar is by far my favorite.  They also have a wonderful macadamia nut sticky bun and a house-made cinnamon roll with plenty of icing.  They even have gluten-free chocolate chip nut muffins which are incredible!

When breakfast is over, the kitchen shifts to making Mickey musubi.  A Disney take on spam musubi which is just rice, furikake (a seaweed mix), and marinated spam (yes, that spam).  It was an invention from World War II when interned Japanese lacked access to fresh fish or anything they could use to make sushi.  But they had plenty of spam.  They became inventive and created this tasty little hand-held treat.  Aulani adds a couple of ears to it to make it Mickey shaped and it tastes really good.  Along with fresh poke, these options are only available until the dinner menu becomes active.  When dinner comes along, the poke is removed and no more Mickey musubi is made.  When it’s out, it’s out.  However, the specialty sandwich of the day continues through dinner as do the flatbreads!  They have three regular options but my favorite by far was the kalua pork flatbread.  Just full of flavor and the flatbread was chewy without being too soft nor too hard.

The yummy kalua pork flatbread!

Dinner features pizza (beginning at 5pm), a specialty dish, and a specialty sandwich alongside the regular offerings.  Pizza seems to be super popular, but I love the rotating specialty dish and specialty sandwich which changes daily.  There is also a daily pizza!  But if you don’t like that, you can always build your own.  There are not a ton of options from the limited menu, but there is a good variety to satisfy everyone’s hunger.  And there are always options like sandwiches in the pre-packaged section.  Not just snacks and chips, but also sandwiches and wraps.

The menu for the cafe is right as you enter on the left. Plenty to choose from with lots of great grab and go options.

On top of that, you can get refillable popcorn buckets, refillable beverage cups (soda, coffee, and hot chocolate), Dole Whip and Dole Whip / soft serve swirl, along with lots of other cookies, sweets, and drinks.  There really is no shortage to the number of tasty things to try in this place.  If you are at Aulani, check out this Disney Foodie Spotlight!

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