MASSIVE Star Wars LEGO Set Coming Soon!

The Imperial Star Destroyer comes to the Ultimate Collector Series once again!

This time it comes in at a whopping 4784 pieces.  The only previous iteration back in 2002 was 3104 pieces and hasn’t been seen in over a decade. One of the largest sets ever produced, the Imperial Star Destroyer will help you recreate that classic legendary opening scene from the first Star Wars film ever, A New Hope.  To help you do that, it comes with a scale version of the Tantive IV.

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If you remember, A New Hope opens with a shot of the Tantive IV running from something.  It isn’t until you see the point of the front of the Star Destroyer that you realize exactly the odds they are competing against.  The Devastator is a massive ship and was at the time under the command of Lord Darth Vader.  Interestingly, this set does not include Vader or Captain Antilles or Leia – all of whom would have been great additions to this set.  Instead it only comes with an Imperial Officer and Crewmember.  In the past, that would have been normal, but recently, LEGO has included some choice and sometimes exclusive minifigures.  Considering the set size and cost, that seems appropriate, but this time they did not.

As always with the UCS Star Wars series, the model comes with an information plaque detailing the design of the ship.  I’m not sure why this set isn’t called The Devastator.  When LEGO remade the Rebel Blockade Runner they titled it Tantive IV after the actual name of the ship.  And if you look at the plaque for this model it is clearly the Devastator.  That alone would have added value for Star Wars fans.

The detail on the ship is simply amazing with moveable turrets (and look closely at the details to see how precise these are) and a tilting radar dish, not to mention the surface work on the destroyer itself.  It even has a tractor beam landing bay for the scale model Tantive IV.  Truly not for the amateur LEGO builder, these expert sets are for the hardcore collector and will take many days (generally) to build if not longer.  At 43″ x 26″ x 17″ (with stand), this is a massive undertaking, but for the LEGO fan, an accomplishment and hours of fun.  With a price tag of $699.99 it is in line with other sets of its size, but obviously not for the casual fan.  A great set and one of the true classics, this will be in stores and on on October 1 (and available for purchase for LEGO VIP members on September 18 – why aren’t you a LEGO VIP?).  May the Force be with you!

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