Lorcana Release Date Announced

First Disney collectible card game comes out August 18th, 2023!

Disney’s first collectible card game (CCG) is being released by partner Ravensburger in August of this year. It will preview for the second time at this year’s GenCon, the premiere gaming tournament in the United States, but will soon follow in local game stores on August 18 and then at mass retail stores on September 1st. The first release, appropriately titled Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, will feature your favorite Disney characters in all-new, original illustrations which will capture the hearts and collectible feeding frenzy of fans alike.

The first set will include three starter decks, a gift set, booster packs, and a special box set called the “Illumineer’s Trove.” There will also be playmats, card sleeves, deck boxes, and portfolios to hold your collection. All sold separately. According to Ravensburger, there are six “inks” cards will come in – Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Steel, and Sapphire. If you play Magic the Gathering think mana types. Similar to many popular CCGs, four releases are planned per year. As a nice added bonus, starter decks will not only come with a fixed 60-card deck but will also come with a booster pack.

Fans of CCGs know that booster packs are random collections of cards that add to the fun and thrill of collecting since you never know what you’re going to get. Each booster will come with 12 randomized cards, including one foil card and TWO rare cards that can be rare, SUPER rare, or LEGENDARY! Obviously, the legendaries are likely to be the hardest to come by and the most collectible. And while the Illumineer’s Trove comes with 8 boosters, 2 deck boxes and player’s guide in a beautiful box, that Gift Set with it’s two featured (and oversized foil) cards of Mulan and Hades looks to be highly sought after.

Considering the frenzy to get these cards at D23 Expo, you’ll definitely want to plan ahead to get these remarkable cards!

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