Disney Foodie Spotlight: Katsura Grill – The Restaurant Hidden on a Hill

Katsura Grill nestled atop the hill in the Japan pavilion
Katsura Grill nestled atop the hill in the Japan pavilion

If you can serve it in a bowl, you’ll find it here.  For good, quick Japanese food, Katsura Grill is a great choice. The menu is limited, but if you’re in the mood for it, you’ll have your taste buds quite satisfied.  Nothing on the menu will shock you.  It’s mostly what you’d find at many fast food Japanese places, but it’s served fresh and delicious with good quality ingredients.  Teriyaki bowls are probably the item on the menu people would be familiar with.  Selections of chicken, beef, and salmon are available as you’d probably expect, but they do have some decidedly traditional Japanese choices as well.  Udon noodles, curry rice bowls, miso soup, edamame, and even sushi (although the sushi is nothing exotic – mostly California rolls and a few pieces of nigiri (sushi rice topped with pieces of raw fish) can be found).

Katsura Grill
Japan pavilion in Epcot, Walt Disney World
Japanese cuisine
Quick service
Very reasonable ($10 to $13 per person)
Craig’s Favorite:
Chicken Cutlet Curry

Chicken Cutlet Curry bowl - quite yummy
Chicken Cutlet Curry bowl – quite yummy
The menu at the foot of the stairs leading to Katsura Grill
The menu at the foot of the stairs leading to Katsura Grill

I tried the Chicken Cutlet Curry which is Japanese curry poured over rice with pieces of chicken breast coated in panko bread crumbs (a light, flaky version of bread crumbs with a bit more crunch and less grit).  It was delicious!  The curry was tasty without being heavy.  I know it looks like gravy, but it’s decidedly more complex than that.  Seating is limited inside, so coming during a peak period might be difficult for a larger party, but the view is reminiscent of a quiet forest complete with a running stream and beautiful landscaping.  This hidden gem is literally hidden behind trees and up a hill.  After your meal, be sure to walk around the place and take in the peaceful view.  The only notice you have of this restaurant’s existence is a menu at the foot of the stairs letting you know there is some deliciousness ahead.  Be sure to look for this unobtrusive sign and then follow the stairs to the top.  For a quiet respite in the middle of World Showcase, give Katsura Grill a try!

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