Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Villains

So I was asked by Melissa over at Mouse on the Mind to participate in a fun blog party they do once a month called – you guessed it – Kill Refurb Marry with the idea being to embrace the topic of the month and tell which one you’d want to get rid of, refurbish, or totally be in love with.  This month’s topic is Disney Villains!

Kill – The Disney villain I would most like to see erased from the pantheon of evil would be Chernabog. He LOOKS great as a villain, but I never really considered him much of one.  He’s got a non-speaking role (probably something his agent was LIVID about), he only appears in one part of his movie, and has no general character development.  He simply looks evil.  And they do an amazing job of it!  He does look evil!  But somehow he was elevated into the pantheon of Disney villains and some would say the penultimate Disney villain and I just don’t see it.  I could take him or leave him.

Maleficent as played by Angelina Jolie
Maleficent as played by Angelina Jolie

Refurb – The villain in most need of a makeover is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.  What did you say?  She already got refurbed?  Yes, but now she’s all soft and mushy.  Before she was the quintessential essence of evil.  She dooms a baby to eternal sleep?  And she considers that a kindness?  Even the literal meaning of her name – Maleficent – is “doing evil or harm; harmfully malicious.”  Now THAT is evil!  But then they had to give her this soft and fluffy backstory about human betrayal and how really she’s a nice fairy and how she’s just misunderstood.  Come on!  What parents give their kid a name like Maleficent unless they REALLY meant it!  She needs to be retconned back to her old evil self where she can wreck havoc on Aurora and her family.

Lana Parilla as Regina from Once Upon A Time
Lana Parilla as Regina from Once Upon A Time

Marry – This one was easy.  The Evil Queen or more specifically, Regina from Once Upon A Time.  Seriously, is there any villain more intriguing?  And Lana Parilla is not only terrific at playing the character, but does it with panache and looks great doing it.  I love how she can pull off being sexy, ruthless, and caring at the same time.  Lana gives Regina a real multi-layered personality and for me is the heart of the show.  I never found myself routing for a villain until she showed up.  It’s been incredible watching her character development on the show and I find myself hoping she finds her “happily ever after.”

What are some of your favorite Disney villains? You can find the ideas of other Disney bloggers on Mouse on the Mind so feel free to give it a look!

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3 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Villains

  1. Hi Craig! Thanks so so much for playing along this month–hope you’ll join us again in the future! The thing I love about this is how different everyone’s picks are! (Ashley from Dressing for Disney married Chernabog!!) I especially loved your Refurb pick–you’re so right! While I loved the reimagining of Sleeping Beauty, it really did “ruin” one of the great baddies.

  2. Hi! So glad you joined the hop!! I love your picks and have to agree about your Kill. His part in the Disney night parade always creeped me out. I was just talking to coworkers at the Maleficent movie (I still haven’t seen it) and we all found it ridiculous they took such a soft approach with it. I mean, why rewrite a classic character that way? It makes no no sense. Sigh. I’m still not sure if I’ll ever see it.

    Hope you have a great weekend and you’ll join us next month!!

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