Kill Refurb Marry: Spots For Watching the World Go By

Jolly Holiday - the best spot to watch the world go by at Disneyland
Jolly Holiday – the best spot to watch the world go by at Disneyland
The yummiest cinnamon roll ever
The yummiest cinnamon roll ever
Baked goods aren't the only things they do well.
Baked goods aren’t the only things they do well.

This month’s Kill Refurb Marry topic is places you like to sit and relax at the Disney parks. If you’ve never read one of these posts before, the way it works is that we pick a topic and write about how we would like to get rid of something, refurbish or retool something, and love something. In this case we’re writing about the place we’d love to get rid of to sit and relax, the place we’d love to redo, and the place that is perhaps the best for sitting and relaxing in the parks.  So here are my three picks.

Kill – Gummi Glen. That’s what I call it anyway.  It’s the little spot in Fantasyland where the Motor Boat Cruise used to be until they turned it into a ride through Gummi Glen to promote the Gummi Bears television show.  When they took out the attraction, they simply added tables and chairs to the former queue area, but it’s probably one of the worst spots in the park.  You don’t really see anything, you’re not near anything (except the Matterhorn but the entrance for that attraction is on the opposite side of the mountain), and if you’re trying to meet up with people – good luck! It’s sort of hidden.  If that’s what you want, then perhaps you would have the opposite opinion that I do.  Personally, I wish they would put in another water ride attraction here.  It’s just empty space.

Refurb – Any taped off area of the park. A disturbing trend at Disneyland is the use of painter’s tape to mark out areas to sit and relax to watch the parades (or to mark out emergency queue lines).  I find this incredibly unprofessional and just plain lazy.  I’m sure there are safety issues involved which made for the taped lines a better option than ropes and stanchions (some fool probably ran into one because he wasn’t looking and decided to sue the park or something like that), but it looks horrible.  Having brightly colored tape on the ground completely detracts from the visual layout of the area and pulls you out of the magic, whereas themed stanchions would blend in and look as if they belonged.  Please go back to using actual line stanchions instead of bright yellow tape on the ground!  Or find some new innovative way to create queues.  After all, it IS Disney – the leader in line management.

MarryJolly Holiday Bakery – This place has it all.  Plenty of chairs and tables, quick access to a multitude of treats and eats, a central location for meeting people, an easily recognizable facade, and if you’re lucky a view of the parade.  I love the cinnamon rolls here more than almost any sweet treat in the park, but they serve food and drinks as well (also good).  There always seems to be a seat available so space isn’t generally a problem, and the tables are colored a bright yellow which stands out visibly when you’re walking by making it easy to find and remember.  If you love people watching, you’ll find no better place as virtually everyone walks by here at one point or another, yet remarkably few park themselves here to relax.  If you want a chili dog and chips, there’s Corner Cafe right around – well you get it – and for an icy sweet treat, the Dole Whip stand is right around the other corner.  All in all, just the best place in Disneyland to sit and relax.

What are your favorite places to sit and relax at the parks?  Read about other bloggers choices on the Kill Refurb Marry page from Mouse on the Mind!

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