Cinderella Pin Trading Event Review – Did the Glass Slipper Fit?

The reason we go to pin events!
The reason we go to pin events!
Getting ready to dig through the pin bucket - limit 2
Getting ready to dig through the pin bucket – limit 2
One of the pin boards manned by a footman dressed in elegant Cinderella style
One of the pin boards manned by a footman dressed in elegant Cinderella style
Absolutely crazy busy!
Absolutely crazy busy!

The Cinderella Pin Trading Event hosted by the Disney Studio Store Hollywood is this year’s royal ball of pin trading, but did the glass slipper fit?  Or did it shatter into pieces as when Lady Tremaine smashed it against the wall? (if you don’t know the reference, go see the movie!).  Personally, I thought it was somewhere in-between.

Location: Roosevelt Hotel hosted by Disney Studio Store Hollywood
Type of Event: Premium Pin Trading Event
Features: Raffle, pin boards, exclusive access, artist signing, free chocolate, movie admission, and pin trader sundae at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain
Cost: $225 Royal Ball Ticket; $90 Trading Ticket
Craig’s Favorite: Surprisingly the glass slipper pin which is amazing

As is often the case, the Disney Studio Store Hollywood had a tremendous selection of pins available for purchase.  Some were exclusive to the event and some were available to guests of the event before going on sale to the public.  The jumbo Cinderella pin has some amazing work put into the dress – it looks like mother-of-pearl – and the glass slipper has some stained glass elements that are really beautiful.  The marquee pin not only had a beautiful design but the clock striking twelve had so many detailed elements it was truly spectacular.  Artist Charles Garcia was there to offer autographs for the pins he designed (the Cinderella marquee pin, the die-cast frame pin, the glass slipper pin, and the jumbo Cinderella pin) and there were four pin boards and a limited-edition only pin bucket!  Put in a LE pin get one out.

Included with each package was also a ticket to the movie Cinderella, a voucher for a pin trader sundae on a future date, an event lanyard, and an exclusive LE 300 event pin (an additional LE 150 gold marquee pin for those signing up with the Royal Ball package).  Royal Ball ticket holders not only were able to access the event early but also were treated to brunch and first opportunity to purchase all of the pins.  That was important for the Cinderella Jumbo and Die Cast Carriage pins as they were limited to 200 and 150 respectively.  Limit one of each pin per person in attendance.

Lines to get in were long as there were only two people at the registration desk and another two at the pin disbursement desk.  They were working their hardest and had great attitude, but the lack of numbers slowed down the line significantly.  Lines inside were also long for the pin boards.  Pretty much we spent our entire time in lines instead of doing any real pin trading, but the pin boards were loaded with a pretty good pin selection so it was definitely worth it (I came away with quite a few AP pins – artist proof).  The quarters were very tight and if you’re claustrophobic, it might bother you despite the large size of the room.  There just wasn’t enough space to manage the pin boards effectively.  It would also have been nice had they done a refresh of the boards more often and limited pin board access to once per person as they’ve done at other Disney pin events.  Also, we were not allowed to redeem our pin trader sundae vouchers on the day of the event.  For those of us who live hundreds and even thousands of miles away, this didn’t make sense especially since you could see the movie that afternoon.  At a minimum cost of $90 per person for a pin, a movie ticket, a sundae, and the right to BUY even more pins, I would hope for things to run a bit more smoothly and to be able to redeem the vouchers on the day of the event.  There was free Ghirardelli chocolates made available on the tables, but some people were hoarding the chocolate.  Some guy even told my daughter that the pieces lying on the table were all his and then proceeded to stuff them into his bag. Might have been better to hand them out instead.

Still, the event overall was fun.  The pins for purchase were beautiful.  The pin boards were great.  The staff was friendly.  We appreciated not having to wait overnight and knowing we could buy the pins.  And we did finally manage to get one piece of chocolate each.  Would I do it again?  For the right pins or the right movie, I’m pretty sure I would.

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