Star Wars Celebration 2015 – Recap and Review

Well, at the end of Star Wars Celebration only my feet are celebrating.  They finally get the much deserved rest they need after standing in endless lines and hauling me around from panel to panel.  There was so much goign on the rest of me is still trying to take it all in!  From the Day 1 release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (and who didn’t cheer at the sight of Han and Chewie) to Day 2 and the first ever release of Return of the Jedi in 3D to Day 3 and the premiere of Star Wars Rebels, Season 2 to Day 4 and the conversation with Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank (the directors of the first two stand alone Star Wars movies ever made), there was so much to do and see that I couldn’t do and see all of it.  But what an amazing weekend!

The stars of Star Wars Rebels taking pics of the crowd as the entered the arena
The stars of Star Wars Rebels taking pics of the crowd as the entered the arena

Multiple panels at the same time meant you had to make choices.  No one could see everything. Often standing in line for one thing meant sacrificing something else.  The same could be said about trying to obtain all of the exclusive merchandise!  Lines for the official convention store grew out of control on the first day and didn’t seem much better later on.  Some people reported standing in line over 5-6 HOURS just to check out!  But for those lucky enough to walk away with what they wanted, there was a bevy of cool items to select from. Not only that, but on the floor you could find some great exclusive merchandise plus opportunities to buy items before they were on sale to the general public!  Looking for some hard to find items to fill out your collection?  There were an assortment of vendors selling everything from action figures to comics to pretty much whatever Star Wars product you wanted to find.

Getting an autograph from Jeffrey Brown
Getting an autograph from Jeffrey Brown

Interested in autographs? The folks who organized that part of it did a great job of managing those lines.  Instead of having to simply wait in line, attendees were able to pay for tickets in advance.  Numbers were posted on the board so you had an idea of when you would be up for getting your autograph.  Prices went from $20 for some of the less well-known actors to $125 for Mark Hamill and $70 for Carrie Fisher (a bargain if you ask me).  Some stars like Mark and Carrie also had photo opportunities available.  Tickets for these were sold out prior to the convention.  I’m not sure if additional tickets were available other than those available for pre-purchase.  However, there were plenty of other signing opportunities throughout the convention.  Many authors of your favorite Star Wars books signed their work for free and were often very pleasant to talk with.  I was able to get some of my favorites to sign my books like John Jackson Miller who wrote A New Dawn, Jeffrey Brown who wrote Vader’s Little Princess and the Jedi Academy series, and Tom Angleberger who wrote the Origami Yoda series of books.

One of my favorite cosplay people - Jedi Elsa
One of my favorite cosplay people – Jedi Elsa

There were great photo opportunities all around the convention floor.  Everything from being able to take a picture with Rey on her speeder (an actress dressed to look like her) to a seemingly life size rancor were available.  Not only that, but there were so many great cosplayers (costumed individuals) who were more than willing to take pictures with convention goers.  Some of my favs were a very realistic Hera and Zeb from Star Wars Rebels, Jedi Elsa from Frozen, Iron Man Stormtrooper, Captain America Stormtrooper, and Batman Stormtrooper.  Overall, Star Wars Celebration was a blast!  If you get the chance to go and you have a passion for Star Wars, this is definitely the place to be.

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