Dole Whip Fans? – The Local Place Strikes Again With the Lava Whip!

The new Lava Whip live and up close
The new Lava Whip live and up close

If you like (or love) a good Dole Whip, you’re probably like one of those legions of fans that wait in line for it as if it were one of your favorite attractions at the park.  Whether you are in Disneyland or Walt Disney World the taste of this fruity treat is one your mouth is probably salivating over right now.  And with this delectable sweet being both gluten-free and dairy-free (and peanut-free), nearly everyone can enjoy it.  But imagine a place where you didn’t have to wait 45 minutes in line to get one?  Imagine a place that not only served your favorite pineapple treat, but also served it up with a new twist?  Imagine no more!  Such a place exists friends at The Local Place in Torrance, CA.

Location: The Local Place, 18605 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90504
Type: Bakery and quick service restaurant
Specialty: Fast food Hawaiian-style
Cost: Good!
Craig’s Favorite: Other than Dole Whip? Bakery: Paradise Cake; Food: Hawaiian Chicken with Potato Mac Salad

The Lava Whip - only for a limited time and only at The Local Place
The Lava Whip – only for a limited time and only at The Local Place

If you’ve been reading the Disney Nerds blog, you know we’ve reviewed this place before.  And you also know this isn’t the first time they’ve served up a twist on everyone’s favorite dessert.  But this time they mixed in a strawberry puree into their creation and call it the Lava Whip. I was excited when Erica invited me to try it and the folks there were kind enough to treat me to a taste of this sweet concoction.  I’ve said in the past, I’m not a big fan of coconut and I approach anything that includes it with a fair amount of skepticism, but like the Haupia Coconut Dole Whip they’ve made before, this one also won me over. The toasty bites of Coconut Macaroon crumbs added a texture to each bite that mixed perfectly with the pineapple smoothness of the Dole Whip.  It added both a crunch and a chewiness that enhanced the flavor of the whole thing. The strawberry puree really added a new dimension, too.  Each bite became a flavor bomb and they did a great job of mixing together the flavors so I got some puree in each bite.  To be honest, I really didn’t taste the pina colada, but I don’t really drink them by themselves so not sure if I would notice the difference.

Again, I have to warn you, when they mean “limited time” they mean it.  I’m still waiting for the Lilikoi Crunch Dole Whip to come back.  In the meantime, I will thoroughly enjoy this new creation of theirs and I hope you will too!

The Local Place is located at 18605 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90504. Hours are listed on their Facebook page and their website, or give them a call at (310) 523-3233.

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