What Will Happen in Star Wars Rebels Season 2? – BluRay/DVD Exclusives

Darth Vader. Darth Vader will happen in season 2. Those two words alone cause fear throughout the galaxy.  Not just in ours but in the Star Wars universe as well.  If you watched the season 2 premiere, “The Siege of Lothal,” you know that the Dark Lord of the Sith is now an active presence in the lives of our merry little band of rebels.  Fairly easily defeating the combined might of Ezra and Kanan, our friends barely escaped with their lives.  So what’s next for our friends in this second season?



Captain Rex will play a role in season 2 of Star Wars Rebels
Captain Rex will play a role in season 2 of Star Wars Rebels

Dave Filoni, Executive Producer for Star Wars Rebels shares exclusive footage, sketch art, and information in “A Look Ahead” on the season 1 BluRay/DVD. He tells us some developments sure to please, excite, and tickle the curiosity of any Rebels fan. Some of his revelations include:

  • The Inquisitor from season 1 was not the ONLY inquisitor, just the Grand Inquisitor and now the rest are after the rebels
  • Sabine has a new look after being shaken up by Vader’s presence
  • Zeb finds out more about what happened to his people and comes to a better understanding of who he is
  • Who is Hera’s father and what is the situation between him and Hera?
  • We meet the Mon Calamari who develops the B-wing fighter and in some of the footage it looks like Hera gets to pilot it
  • We will find out about Ezra and his parents
  • How does Ahsoka and Captain Rex affect the dynamics of the group especially in light of Kanan’s Jedi background?
  • Does Ahsoka know who Darth Vader is? Dave hinted that we would likely find out also if Ahsoka confronts her former master
  • A very secret and obviously special character is revealed during season 2 – could it be Obi Wan?
Season 2 poster preview
Season 2 poster preview

This BluRay/DVD release has a ton of great features for Star Wars Rebels fans! The full preview of season 2 as shown at Star Wars Celebration is included in “A Look Ahead” and the season 1 recap, “Star Wars Rebels: The Ultimate Guide” as told by Kanan is also on the discs.  The last 7 episodes of “Rebels Recon” were also collected as a special feature.  Previously shown on YouTube and on StarWars.com, these StarWars.com Original productions highlighted each episode and gave insight into how they were developed.  In the last one which recapped “Fire Across the Galaxy” Dave Filoni revealed that when we see Ahsoka’s lightsabers in season 2, they will be white to reflect that she no longer walks the Jedi path but is also not evil.  That’s the kind of fun, juicy info you’ll find in that feature.

The complete season 1 BluRay of Star Wars Rebels
The complete season 1 BluRay of Star Wars Rebels

And if you get the BluRay version of season 1, you also get exclusive footage of the Rebels presentation at Star Wars Celebration.  The reaction of the fans at Captain Rex’s reveal, Dave’s interaction with one of his youngest fans, the introduction of both Dee Bradley Baker and Ashley Eckstein, and some incredible Rebels cosplay is featured in this segment.  There is even a small clip from the press conference I got to attend while at Star Wars Celebration for the season 2 premiere.  This BluRay/DVD release is jam packed with exclusive content and great bonus material.  If you are a Star Wars Rebels fan, this is something you’ll want for your collection!

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    1. As of today (4/24/16) they have not released a date for Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, but keep checking in to our site for updated info. And follow us on the Disney Nerds Facebook Fan Page!

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