Disney Foodie Spotlight: Galactic Grill is Serving Up Out of This World Food

After waiting in line for Hyperspace Mountain and Star Tours with the added Star Wars: The Force Awakens trip to Jakku, you might work up quite an appetite.  If so, you’re in luck because the new Galactic Grill is serving up some tasty fast food. Formerly known as Tomorrowland Terrace, along with a name change they also have had a change of menu, and with all of the other Star Wars offerings in the area you can rest assured it’s also themed to a galaxy far, far away.

Location: Tomorrowland in Disneyland
Type: Quick service
Specialty: Burgers and fries (lunch and dinner) / Breakfast fare in the morning
Cost: $6-7 for kids and about $10-14 for adults
Craig’s Favorite: Tough to choose, but the First Order burger is a real winner

Darth Tamale on the left and Lars Family Breakfast Platter on the right
Darth Tamale on the left and Lars Family Breakfast Platter on the right

Forgot to get breakfast?  No problem, Galactic Grill offers a special morning breakfast menu for all of you early eaters.  You’ll find the standard eggs and bacon dish lovingly referred to as the Lars Family Breakfast Platter ($8.49) as an homage to Luke’s adoptive parents.  Served with potatoes and a biscuit, the dish is seasoned just right.  The potatoes are a bit sweet, but not overcooked with a nice amount of salt and pepper.  The eggs are light and fluffy and again not overdone.  The bacon is fresh but obviously cooked in batches.  It is much better than your standard breakfast fare and you get a very nice serving size.  The Bantha Blue Milk Bread ($8.99) is a funny name for French toast served with bacon and fresh fruit.  And if you’re in the mood for something light, there’s always the Moisture Farm Fresh Fruit Platter ($6.49) with muffin and honey yogurt.  But my favorite was by far the Darth Tamale!  A blue corn tamale with a chorizo and cheese filling, served on a bed of soft, fluffy scrambled eggs and covered in a hearty red chili sauce, it was delicious.  At $8.49 I thought it was a deal for how good and different it was.  Smaller versions of the Lars Family Breakfast Platter and Bantha Blue Milk Bread are available for kids.

The lunch/dinner menu at Galactic Grill
The lunch/dinner menu at Galactic Grill

Most of the time, you’re likely to eat lunch or dinner at the Galactic Grill and during those times it’s basically a burger and fries kind of place, but with a good variety of options.  The standard Cheese-3PO Burger ($9.99) is available for those who like their burger in a no-nonsense kind of way.  For those who don’t like a meat burger, the Wicket’s Wicked Veggie Sandwich ($8.79) is a nice option.  If you want a simple salad, the Chopper Salad ($9.99) is served with grilled chicken, feta and roasted pepper-ranch dressing.  The two premier sandwiches are the Jedi Order Chicken Sandwich ($10.49) and the First Order Specialty Burger ($11.49).  Both can be served in a Han Solo Carbonite Box for eight dollars more.  The chicken sandwich is a step up from your traditional chicken sandwich.  The menu describes it as a five-spice chicken breast with fried green beans, pickled red onions, watercress, and wasabi mayo.  Yum.  But my favorite is the First Order burger.  I went for dinner here as well (the sacrifices I make for all of you) and had a beef and chorizo patty served with a spicy-lime aioli was just the right amount of heat and sweet and savory all in one.  It was SO good it was definitely worth the price.

An assortment of extra goodies available to "enhance" your meal
An assortment of extra goodies available to “enhance” your meal

There are lots of fun Star Wars options like the Han Solo lunch box (not suitable for taking to school).  You can get the Chewbacca stein with your choice of fountain drink.  And there’s also two specialty lemonades – The Dark Side (Odwalla lemonade with strawberry and a light up Death Star) and The Light Side (Odwalla lemonade with granny smith apples and yogurt meteors with a light up Millennium Falcon).  I didn’t try the lemonades but from a few friends who did, The Light Side wasn’t as good as The Dark Side.  However, I did try a couple of the Star Wars themed desserts.  Darth by Chocolate had a great dark chocolate ganache that tasted like fudge which I loved, but I let a friend finish the rest since I was trying to avoid gluten and he said the rest was pretty good too, but the cake was a little dry.  We both liked the BB-8 Droid Crisped Rice Treat which was covered in white chocolate (and decorated and shaped to look like the droid) and had M&M’s like candies in the middle.

Allergy-friendly menu available at the Galactic Grill
Allergy-friendly menu available at the Galactic Grill

And if you have special dietary requests, you have nothing to worry about.  I haven’t seen this at other places yet, but at Galactic Grill they have a special menu that addresses gluten/wheat, egg, soy, fish/shellfish, milk, and peanut/tree nut allergies.  It lets you know which items are safe for particular allergies and the ingredients in those plates.  Since the prices are the same, I’m not sure if they give you extra of something when part of the dish has to be omitted, but I was super impressed at their preparation.  To be sure, going to Galactic Grill was an out of this world experience.

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