The Perfect Weapon Reveals New Insight Into The Force Awakens (spoiler-free review)

Already the highest grossing domestic film of all time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is generating a mad amount of interest.  Fans want more information about this new corner of the Star Wars universe and a little e-book that’s been released can give you perhaps the taste you want.  The Perfect Weapon by Delilah Dawson tells the story of Bazine Netal, the Imperial informant in Maz Kanata’s common room on Takodana.  Perhaps you remember her as the female informant for the First Order who reveals the arrival of Han Solo and company to her employers.  With fingers covered in black and eyebrows that are hard to forget, Bazine is considered even more deadly than beautiful.

Bazine Netal sits with Grummgar in Maz Kanata's place on Takodana
Bazine Netal sits with Grummgar in Maz Kanata’s place on Takodana – photo courtesy of Vanity Fair

In the Star Wars timeline, The Perfect Weapon takes place just prior to The Force Awakens and after the Del Rey book Aftermath (and its as yet to be released sequels).  It refers to a time in Bazine’s life after she is already considered a deadly mercenary for hire.  She is street-wise, complicated, and highly trained in staying alive.  Her skin tight outfit isn’t just to be alluring.  In fact, more often than not, Bazine likes to hide in the shadows.  But it is functional in keeping her clothes from getting in the way of her task at hand.  Nothing is wasted on Bazine.

The Perfect Weapon by Delilah Dawson
The Perfect Weapon by Delilah Dawson

Title: The Perfect Weapon
Author: Delilah Dawson
Cost: $1.99 (yes! only $1.99)
Age: 13 and up
Publisher: Del Rey
Genre: Star Wars, fiction

Delilah Dawson’s dive into the Star Wars universe is mixed with action and intrigue.  It’s part thriller, part mystery, part heist job, with plenty of twists and turns.  Dawson is a master at misdirection, leading the reader where she wants and then giving the story a sudden right turn.  She paints Bazine as an habitual loner yet she picks up a partner along the way – Orri Tenro.  Orri seems to be helping her, but it’s never quite clear who he is and what his intentions are.  We also never find out who originally gave Bazine the job.  And as for the metal case?  You’ll just have to read the story to find out.

Dawson also offers an intriguing look at the dynamics of life in this corner of Star Wars universe.  I love how she explores the idea of what happens to battle damaged Stormtroopers.  Vashka Valley Retirement Facility 48 is a center for those troopers who suffer from PTSD, “a remote, private place for broken soliders and war victims to live out their days safely and healthfully in peace.” I have to admit, I wouldn’t have thought the Empire would care for broken troopers, seeing them as a liability to be done away with instead of cared for.  It was an interesting perspective that adds layers and dimensions to the character of the Empire.

This little e-book is a bargain at $1.99.  It isn’t long, but it is intriguing.  Definitely worth a look.  Hopefully, this is just the first in a long line of great dives into the Star Wars: The Force Awakens universe.

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