Lobster Nachos! – Cove Bar: Disney Foodie Spotlight

I have two words for you: Lobster Nachos! If it sounds good to you, then wait until you try eating them.  Rarely am I surprised by new food opportunities at my home theme park resort (Disneyland), but I discovered this little gem completely by accident – Cove Bar in Disney California Adventure.  I’m walking toward California Screamin’ and pass by Ariel’s Grotto when I see this long line of people waiting for something, but I’m not sure what.  I follow it to the other end and find Cove Bar overlooking the water.  I ask the hostess what everyone is in line for and she tells me “lobster nachos.”

Cove Bar on Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure
Cove Bar on Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure

Location: Paradise Pier, Disney California Adventure
Type: Sit-down bar service
Specialty: Lobster nachos
Cost: $11-16 for appetizers, $5 for Cotton Candy Lemonade (drinks vary)
Craig’s Favorite: Cotton Candy Lemonade

Lobster nachos in all their glory
Lobster nachos in all their glory

Lobster nachos may be the primary draw for Cove Bar, but they have a lot of fun options to try.  They also have Tri-Tip Sliders, Specialty Artisan Pizza, Buffalo Wings, Spinach Artichoke Dip and Fajita Quesadilla Rolls.  Bar food to be sure (it is after all a bar), but very high end bar food.  Listen to how the Tri-Tip Sliders are described, “Mojo crillo with crispy onions, barbecue with tangy slaw bacon, arugula and blue cheese served on toasted brioche.” Yum. And the lobster nachos?  “Tender lobster pieces atop fresh house-made tortilla chips with black beans, pico de gallo, chipotle crema, and our signature aged cheddar and Oaxaca cheese sauce.” Double yum. Descriptions straight from the menu.

Cotton Candy Lemonade with a side of cotton candy
Cotton Candy Lemonade with a side of cotton candy

Being a bar, they have some pretty amazing drinks, too.  Lots of colorful, vibrant, tasty-looking alcoholic AND non-alcoholic drinks so you can bring your kids with you.  Myself not being much into the alcohol drinks, my daughter and I tried the Cotton Candy Lemonade.  It’s all natural Odwalla Lemonade “flavored with cotton candy” and served with cotton candy on the side.  SO GOOD!  I tried putting a wad of the cotton candy in my mouth and then drinking the lemonade through my straw – totally recommended.  As good as the lobster nachos were (and they were GOOD) I loved the experience of the Cotton Candy Lemonade even more.

The view from the seating area in Cove Bar
The view from the seating area in Cove Bar

Go early!  This place develops a pretty long line after a while.  Still it’s worth the wait.  You won’t get a full meal here (although the lobster nachos are huge and could definitely fill you up), but you will leave with a smile on your face.

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