An American in Disneyland Paris – Meals and More in the Parks

Disneyland Paris caters to so many different tastes from so many different countries you are bound to find a flavor profile that fits you to a “T.”  Everything from classic hamburgers and pizza to the legendary ratatouille and baked sea bass is available to your liking. But making sure you get a seat is another problem altogether.  Like I shared in our 5 tips guide, you absolutely need to make reservations for any of the non-quick service restaurants as far in advance as you can.  When we went, they were completely booked at each of the table service or buffet restaurants we wanted to eat at for about a week – not as bad as Be Our Guest at WDW, but still pretty bad.  And if you’re only visiting for a couple of days like we were, then your options are limited.

Walt's Restaurant serves high-end American food
Walt’s Restaurant serves high-end American food, reservations highly recommended

They only have four sit-down restaurants between the two parks and only one character experience (Auberge de Cendrillion – Cinderella’s Inn).  Two of the four sit-down places are French cuisine (Cinderella’s Inn and Bistrot Chez Remy – the only one in Walt Disney Studios Park), one American (Walt’s), one classic meat and potatoes (Silver Spur Steakhouse although it was closed for remodeling), and one seafood / international (Blue Lagoon – like Blue Bayou). They also have four buffet style restaurants – 3 in Disneyland Park and 1 in Walt Disney Studios Park.  Most are a bit pricey, but you will definitely get your fill and again you need reservations for these also.

Walt's Restaurant menu including some delicious looking prix fixe options
Walt’s Restaurant menu including some delicious looking prix fixe options

All of the table service restaurants have a prix fixe (fixed price) menu available and you can choose from starter and main course or starter, main course, and dessert.  You can also order a la carte (meaning per item) but often the best deals are in the prix fixe menus.  And wine is often served, especially at the fancier restaurants, although drinks are often not included in the price of the prix fixe menu (except for kids).  Personally, I loved the prix fixe option.  Not only did it save you money, but it was fun choosing one from column A, B, and C and always gave me an excuse for ordering dessert.

Snacks were lots of fun in the parks.  They had most of what you would expect, but also some unusual and unique snacks just for Disneyland Paris.  Of course, you’ll find popcorn and ice cream scattered throughout the parks, but Disneyland Paris is big on marshmallows and meringue.  There were some great tasting, chocolate-dipped versions of both available in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.  We had the meringue and it was delicious!  We also had some marshmallows but strawberry shaped ones with meringue at the top in place of a stem and leaves.  Also very yummy.  You can find freshly made waffles and donuts available in both parks, and Nutella is quite prevalent as a flavor topping in many places including Nutella Mickey-shaped muffins.   It was also where I had the chance to sample a special flavor of Lay’s potato chips I’ve never seen in the US – Poulet Roti or Roasted Chicken.  I have to say, it tasted like roasted chicken on a chip!  Weird but fun to try.  I’d say if there was one treat you need to try before you leave, it would be the chocolate-dipped Mickey meringue.  Pretty exquisite.

Boardwalk Candy Palace has a delightful selection of fresh and prepackaged treats
Boardwalk Candy Palace has a delightful selection of fresh and prepackaged treats

Eating and snacking in Disneyland Paris can be fun and unique.  With plenty of planning you can find your way to almost any destination.  But be sure to plan ahead!  While you’re there, make sure you take advantage of being in this European park and sample some of the fun food you can only find in Disneyland Paris!  Bon appetit!

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