The Good, Bad, And Ugly of Star Wars Card Trader Trading Cards

Save your money.  Unless you’re a hard core collector for the Star Wars Card Trader app, don’t worry about spending money on this set.  For me, it isn’t worth it.  However, if you love the digital cards and are obsessed on getting every single one possible, then Topps once again found a way to create another level of collectible frenzy for their app.  And like the app, there are good, bad and ugly parts to it.

What the pack looks like - 6 cards per pack and one code card in each. There are "value" packs available also, but I believe there is still only 1 code card guaranteed per pack
What the pack looks like – 6 cards per pack and one code card in each. There are “value” packs available also, but I believe there is still only 1 code card guaranteed per pack

Good: When Topps included redemption cards in the physical card packs, I was concerned that they were going to be like the “free” redemption cards given out in the last few sets where you didn’t even need to buy a pack and were limited to just one card.  However, Topps learned from that mistake and created an entire set of cards that can only be redeemed by purchasing the physical cards and getting the redemption codes.  What’s more, the cards themselves are unique to the physical set!  The card art (while reminiscent of early sets) was designed ONLY for this set.  And you can’t get them any other way on the app than to redeem the code cards that come in packs.  To make it even better, the redemption cards are NOT specific to a certain card.  Instead, you get a color code and can redeem it for any card of that color.  Have a favorite character? No need to search for multiple packs! Instead get a redemption code and redeem it for that character!  So just because you found the code on a Greedo card, you can pick a Hera Syndulla card on the app.

Bad: The cards however are pretty cheap.  If you’re buying this set, odds are you care more about the digital cards anyway, but I was hoping for better quality than what was produced.  Unlike some of Topps’ more premium sets, the cardboard thickness is much thinner and there is a poor sheen to the cards themselves.  There isn’t any foil on them (except if you get a rare sequentially numbered card) or anything to make them stand out.  The physical adaptation of sets like Reflections, Classic Artwork, and Film Quotes (just to name a few of them) are more impressive on the app than in real life.  Still, it is nice that on the back of the standard cards are character descriptions (and on their digital counterparts).

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Ugly: So you have a pack and want to redeem one of your cards?  Good luck!  First, be careful when scratching off the silver bar.  Too much pressure and you can ruin the card (I did on my first try).  Second, if you successfully scratch off the silver bar to reveal the redemption code, THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO REDEEM IT!  It’s not on the card itself or on the wrapper.  I emailed customer service and true to form they didn’t respond even after a week of waiting.  So I called the number on the wrapper and the person I talked to had to research it.  It’s not even on the website (hopefully by the time this post goes live it will be).  However, if you’re looking for the answer, go to and input your code and fan name and you’ll get your pack no problem.

Overall, the set is fun and different and I love that you can get unique cards only through the redemption program.  However, Topps continues to have customer service challenges that are difficult to fathom for a company that represents a brand name like Star Wars.  If you’re a card collector, these cards are underwhelming.  But if you love the app, it just might be worth your while.

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