Making A Special Day Even More Special – Roses From Roseshire

What’s more special than roses? Disney roses!

If you have a Beauty and the Beast fan in your life, you might want to think about getting them a collection of roses from Roseshire. These beautiful roses come in increments of one dozen or two, are each individually placed with water tubes at the end of the stem to prolong their life, curated from only the finest flowers available, and sent overnight to insure their freshness.  The price is a bit steep – even for roses – but you are not only paying for the quality, but for the beautiful care in which they are sent.

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I love how each box is shipped inside a secure exterior to prevent damage to the collection.  And although the box is extremely sturdy, there are still holes in the side for the flowers to breathe.  The box on the inside is well-crafted and beautiful to look at with the flowers placed neatly inside in rows.  For the Beauty and the Beast collection, you can pick from a red-fringed yellow rose or red roses or a combination of both (the website calls the yellow ones “orange”).  There are two other Disney collections from Roseshire – a Mickey and Minnie one called “Magic Hearts” with red roses and a Frozen-themed one with white roses.  The Beauty and the Beast collection is the only one you can pick your roses.

Birthday girl happiness!

When the folks from Roseshire contacted me about their new Beauty and the Beast collection, and offered to send me some flowers to review, I said “Sure!” I’m always looking for new and different Disney related stuff and this looked pretty incredible.  But when I told them that my daughter’s birthday was the next day, they shipped me a box immediately so I could give it to her and make her day even more special.  And was it! When she opened it, she was already impressed with the box, but finding the flowers inside brought big “oohs” and “aahs” from Emma and her friends.

Wow. Not much more to say. The pictures say it all. #unfiltered

It’s hard to describe exactly how beautiful the flowers are, but when Roseshire said they handpick and carefully choose their flowers they weren’t kidding.  They are breathtakingly beautiful and honestly I didn’t expect them to be this gorgeous. Yes, they are expensive – $109 + shipping for a dozen and $189 with free shipping for two – but if you want to make a lasting impression, you can’t go wrong with Roseshire.

  • Roseshire offered to send the flowers for the purpose of review but all opinions are mine and an honest evaluation of what you are likely to experience. 

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