Mo Willems Wants to Say “Welcome!”

What would a guide to life for newborns look like?

No need to wonder any longer since Mo Willems just made one.  A board book for babies (say that three times fast), Mo’s book Welcome: A Mo Willems Guide for New Arrivals is about to hit the shelves at the end of May and gives little ones a glimpse into what they might experience.  Written mostly for parents, Welcome is cute, witty, funny, and surprisingly honest.  It captures in brief the essence of life using bright colors, simple sharp images, repetitive phrases, and mirrors – everything a young one will find engaging and enticing.  But Mo knows that while babies will love all of those elements, its the parents that will be reading it and so the story itself is written with adults in mind. The message however is simple.  You are loved.  I am here.  That’s all anyone needs right?

The cover to Welcome is a great representation to the rest of the book. Bold colors, simple images, and easy to read

Title:  Welcome: A Mo Willems Guide to New Arrivals
Author: Mo Willems
Cost: $15.99
Age: newborn (and parents who like funny and cute books)
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children, an imprint of Disney Publishing Worldwide
Genre: Children’s picture book

But Mo is a busy guy and he has TWO books coming out this month.  The second is a NEW Elephant and Piggie book!  To be fair, it’s not completely an Elephant and Piggie book.  Instead, it’s the third release of a series of young reader books called Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! where the two popular characters introduce someone else’s story.  Mo writes and draws the intro and postlude but the main story is actually by another author.  In this case, the story is called The Good for Nothing Button! by Cherise Mericle Harper.

Title: The Good for Nothing Button!
Author: Mo Willems & Cherise Mericle Harper
Cost: $9.99
Age: 4-8
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children, an imprint of Disney Publishing Worldwide
Genre: Early readers book

The cover to The Good for Nothing Button – the newest addition to the Elephant and Piggie Like Reading series

This book uses a play on words about the word “nothing” to create a humorous and cute story.  Yellow Bird has a button that he says does nothing, but his friends Red Bird and Blue Bird find out it does a LOT of things.  It surprises them!  It makes them happy!  But Yellow Bird gets mad because he is sure the button does NOTHING!  Red and Blue point out the button DOES do something.  It makes Yellow Bird mad.  In the end the friends find out that nothing is something – and pretty fun too.  The images are simple, the words are easy to read, and the story is funny and will likely put a smile on your young child’s face.  It put a smile on mine and my daughter (who is 13).

Mo Willems does it again with two new books sure to please both children and their parents!

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