Star Wars Proves Dot-to-Dot Isn’t Just For Kids

What you loved as a kid is now sophisticated enough for you as an adult.

Everybody knows about “adult coloring books.”  They’ve been all the rage for a while now.  And honestly, I love them.  They make me feel relaxed.  But if you’re looking for something new to rekindle the creative spirit you felt as a child, then two new activity books coming out are made for you.

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Title: Star Wars Dot-to-Dot
Cost: $14.99 (but on Amazon at the time of writing for only $10.99)
Publisher: Disney Lucasfilm Press
Age: 12 and up
Genre: Activity books
Release Date: July 11, 2017

Star Wars is elevating your dot-to-dot experience to a whole new level.  These aren’t images for young kids.  The subject matter is appropriate, but the difficulty is high.  It takes not only patience for these 1000 dot or more puzzles, but exactitude in keeping track of the dots.  The patterns are far more sophisticated than what you typically think of with dot-to-dot and you might need a magnifying glass to see the numbers.  For me, I definitely needed a magnifying glass.  Star Wars isn’t the only Disney related adult dot-to-dot.  You can find a Princess one coming out on the same day, too.

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Title: Star Wars Color by Number
$14.99 (but on Amazon at the time of writing for only $10.99)
Disney Lucasfilm Press
12 and up
Activity books
Release Date:
Available now

Maybe dot-to-dot wasn’t your thing.  How about color by number? Again yank out that magnifying glass and find a color palette of at least 32 or more colors to achieve the level of detail needed for shading these things.  But if you do, you will be massively rewarded.  These are really beautiful images.  Again, with so many tiny details, it would be difficult for most kids, but adults will have a blast reliving their past and being challenged at the same time.

Star Wars makes kid fun for adults

The only complaint I have about both books is that you can’t pull out the pages easily.  They are not perforated which would make it easier.  And the color by number would be even better if each image were on its own page instead of having one image on each side.  If you want to use felt tip pens or anything more substantial than crayons or colored pencils, it would be difficult.  But both books are a delight.  When Disney sent me these to review, my daughter’s eyes lit up and she asked if she could do them right away.  We agreed to share, because I was excited too.

Both books are a great change of pace and something different for adults to do and at the same time relive their childhood.  Check them out today!

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