The Polite Pig: A Southern BBQ Experience – Disney Foodie Spotlight

I wish I had more time.  Or lived closer.

When I come across a place like The Polite Pig, there are just too many options for me to choose from.  I could easily eat here every day, all week and just barely cover the menu.  Maybe.  If you’re visiting Walt Disney World from somewhere outside of the South (of the USA I mean), you need to come by here and taste some true Southern BBQ.  Nobody cooks barbecue quite like the people of the South and the folks at The Polite Pig are true to Southern tradition.

Location: Disney Springs, Walt Disney World
Type: Quick service
Specialty: Southern BBQ
Cost: $10 – $20
Craig’s Favorite: Our server Ilaria, hot sticky buns, and lasagna bolognaise

Having lived in Atlanta for nearly 10 years and traveled to places like Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, there is something special about a good Southern BBQ.  Few places know how to capture that flavor but this one does.  Talking to Sara who took my order, she told me that the owners of The Polite Pig were invited by Disney Springs to open a place here.  Disney wanted someone who could really represent Florida to the world and they chose well.


The Southern Pig with a side of Smoked Potato Salad

I finally narrowed it down to two choices – The Southern Pig and the Brisket Melt.  I was having some gluten today and thought I’d give these sandwiches a go, although there were plenty of choices that looked gluten-free (best to check with the staff, but everything from the smoker looked great as did all the salads and most of the sides).  Although I love brisket, I took a chance on the chopped pork of The Southern Pig.  So glad I did.  I’m sure I wouldn’t have been disappointed with the brisket, but I loved the pulled pork.  The Southern Pig comes on a tasty bun that sops up the delicious juice of the meat and the Duke’s mayo and mustard sauce complemented it well.  I wasn’t hot on the apple slaw by itself, but the sandwich really worked.  I actually took it apart because I wanted to dip that pork in the sauce!

Really amazing key lime pie from Tampa

Good barbecue should be able to stand on its own, but the sauce if done right will accentuate the flavor of the meat while adding to it an unique way.  This is good barbecue.  I tried four of the sauces from the sauce bar – Thomas’s Southern Gold, Layla’s Sweet Sauce, Hot Honey, and Lil John’s Signature.  They were all good, but just as the menu says, Thomas’ Southern Gold was the one to really bring out the flavor of the pulled pork.  And man did it ever.  So good!  To finish off the meal, I had some of the key lime pie – from Tampa no less.  Let me tell you, there is nothing better than a key lime pie from Tampa.  I’ve had plenty of key lime pie and Tampa is the best.  It was no less impressive here.

So much to choose from!

I wanted so much to try the other dishes – Fried Chicken Sandwich, Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich, Salmon BLT, St. Louis Ribs, Brisket from the smoker direct, BBQ Cracklins, Hop Salt Pretzel, BBQ Cauliflower, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Baked Beans, Sweet Potato Tots.  Yum.  I did try the Smoked Potato Salad and it was a little too mustard tasting for me, but I was thinking my wife would have loved it.  And I haven’t even touched the Florida craft beer or the Bourbon bar.

Overall, if you’re looking for some good Southern BBQ and you find yourself in or near Disney Springs, you need to stop by this tasty place.  Reasonable prices, dine-in or take-out, a great choice for something simple but tasty.  And say hi to Sara for me!

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