How Close Will Marvel Netflix Match the Comics?

A Jessica Jones / Luke Cage “ship” would be very interesting.

The Marvel Netflix series have stayed pretty true to the comics surprisingly. Unsurprisingly, staying close to the comics while adding their own twist to things has made these series endearing to long-time fans.  It’s been the key to success with their cinematic counterparts – staying true to their heroes essence while giving just enough twists to make them more believable or interesting.  Little touches make a difference.  Luke’s signature “Sweet Christmas,” the yellow shirt he puts on reminiscent of that quite different yellow shirt he boasts in his early comic days, Jessica creating a superhero outfit that she quickly retires – all of these are nice little nods to these character’s comic roots.  But how closely will Marvel Netflix stay true to those roots?  Here are some questions that may shape the series’ future.

Will Luke and Claire stay together or will he eventually end up with Jessica?

The first Jessica Jones series established that Luke and Jessica do have chemistry together, but Jessica’s troubled past and the fact that Luke wanted to stay low prevented it from going further – at the time.  But if Luke and Jessica’s story stays true to comic book form, eventually Luke will break up with Claire and end up with Jessica.  In the comics Luke and Jessica even start a family together!  I do love the interaction between Mike Colter and Rosario Dawson.  Still it makes sense for super-powered people to “ship.”  Less worrying about super-villains trying to use your family as a hostage.

Love the Luke Cage open shirt look and the Danny Rand green and yellow Iron Fist get up!

Will we see Iron Fist in his green and yellow get up?

It took Daredevil more than half of the first season to don the costume.  We see Jessica in her outfit as a flashback in hers.  Even Luke wears a yellow shirt (although not one like his old 70’s days).  But Danny?  Still no sign of the green and yellow.  Will we see his traditional comic book garb?  What’s always puzzled me was why Danny Rand would choose such an outrageous outfit in the first place.  My guess is it’s supposed to resemble a “gi” traditionally worn by martial artists but with spandex modifications.  Still, who wouldn’t want to see this?

Karen betrays Matt in Frank Miller’s return to his iconic take on the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

Will Karen Page betray Matt?

At the end of Season 2 of the Netflix series, Karen finds out that Matt is Daredevil.  In the comics, Karen eventually uses that information for a fix.  She sinks fast into a life of drugs after she and Matt part ways and she needs a hit, so she decides to sell out her ex-boyfriend.  Karen from the Netflix series hasn’t moved in that direction – yet.  But will she?  Or will this be one of those divergent points?  Time will yet tell.  In the comics, it took Karen a long time before she turned to drugs and in the end she gave her life for Matt.

Will Matt’s mother be found in the nunnery at the end of The Defenders?

Is one of the nuns at the church Matt’s mother?

One of the surprise twists in the comic version of Daredevil is that one night Matt finds himself healing from his battle wounds in a nunnery where he discovers that one of the nuns is actually his mom.  Will that be the case in the Netflix series?  At the end of The Defenders, Matt somehow survives a massive explosion and finds himself…in a nunnery.

These are just a few of the many questions fans of the comics will be asking as the Netflix series continues, but so far the showrunners have done a great job of keeping faithful to the essence of these characters if not the exact history.

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