This Post Has No Words… (book review)

This is probably the most wordy wordless book in the entire world.

Be Quiet! from author/illustrator Ryan T. Higgins is anything BUT quiet. In fact, there’s talking on every single two-page spread – including the inside covers!  Rupert the Mouse is starring in his own book for the first time and decides that he is going to have a “very artistic” book.  He wants to emphasize the pictures so he vows this will be a book with no words.  But how successful can he be with his friends Thistle and Nibbs around? Not very.

The cover of the book Be Quiet! It’s not a very quiet book.

Title: Be Quiet!
Author: Ryan T. Higgins (who is also the illustrator)
Cost: $17.99 (but listed as $14.01 on Amazon)
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion (an imprint of Disney Publishing Worldwide)
Ages: 3-5
Genre: Children’s Picture Books

Perhaps best known for his award-winning book, Mother Bruce, Ryan instills in this book classic humor akin to Abbott and Costello’s famous “Who’s on First” skit.  It is a very funny book.  Both young and old alike will enjoy reading it, making it the perfect bedtime story. It’s just the right size for holding up and the print is large enough to easily read upside down (a prerequisite for reading to young children).  The pictures are big so even at a distance it is easy to make out details.  The pages are thick enough to feel right and make the perfect sound as you turn them.  Believe me, I used to do story time for the kids at Barnes & Noble in my younger days and it all of these things are important.

Bruce makes a guest appearance in Be Quiet! because every book needs a bear.

At the same time Be Quiet! is visually stimulating.  Ryan is an extremely talented artist.  The backgrounds, color choices, perspective, and super cute characters will make this a favorite with any child.  There is a lot of whimsy in the book which everyone will enjoy.  And like in the heyday of Sesame Street, this book has enough subtlety to appeal to adults at the same time. Plus, Bruce from Mother Bruce guest stars. I love when Nibbs says to Thistle, “Every book needs a bear in it!” Definitely a fun book to read to kids and one they are sure to enjoy.

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