Halfway to the Mirrorball – DWTS Fantasy League Update

Only 17 points back and not even in the Top 100.

I have 651 points in the DWTS Fantasy League and only behind the leader at 17 points, but can’t even crack the top 100.  Everyone is basically picking the same people at this point with only slight variations.  At the halfway point of Dancing With The Stars Season 25, it’s turned into a two contestant race.  Jordan Fisher is basically indistinguishable from the pro dancers surrounding him, and Lindsey Stirling, even in massive amounts of pain doesn’t score lower than a “9.”  It would take either massive amount of fan voting or injury to take either one of them out.  And both deserve it.

One of two couples leaving the competition, Nikki and Artem did one of their best routines, but fan voting wasn’t enough to save them (ABC/Eric McCandless)

With only six contestants left and three weeks to go, the question is who will join them in the finals?  Halloween Week was more of a trick than a treat with a surprise double elimination that sent home Nikki Bella and Vanessa Lachey.  I like Nikki a lot, but wasn’t too surprised she left the show.  I was shocked that Vanessa got sent packing. She had better scores on average than either Terrell Owens or Drew Scott but didn’t have enough fans to save her.

In a particularly scary dance routine, Frankie and Witney performed brilliantly earning a perfect 30. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Between Victoria Arlen, Frankie Muniz, Terrell and Drew, it seems Victoria and Frankie have the advantage.  However, just two weeks ago, Frankie was in the bottom two!  Without details about fan voting and how it figures into the mix, it’s hard to know who is likely to stay.  Kind of nerve-wracking, too.  I’m definitely picking Frankie and Witney to make it into the finals, and predicting he will edge out Victoria to make it into the Top 3.  Victoria has for some reason, despite beautiful dancing, been given a hard time by the judges.  In the past, the judges have taken into account physical disabilities in the dance routines and Victoria definitely has challenges the other contestants do not.  Still they seem somewhat harsh judging her compared to some of the other contestants.  Also, I think Frankie’s fan base might be bigger which will play a big part in the end (no official source for that but based on perception and Twitter followers).

In another perfect routine, Jordan and Lindsay played werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood (ABC/Eric McCandless)

But who will be the Mirrorball Champion? That’s tough.  Someone always has to battle injury toward the end of the season.  The dance floor is a brutally demanding arena and it can be tough on the sturdiest of people.  This year it looks like Lindsey Stirling is that someone.  Can she grit it out to the end?  Seeing the look on her face, I’m not sure, but it would be a shame if she couldn’t.  Her dancing is beautiful.  Still, in the end it comes down to fan voting.  The judges are reluctant in the final weeks to determine the winner and tend to give nearly all 10s to every surviving contestant so it depends a lot on the fans.  Who will get your vote this season?  Mine will be Jordan and Lindsay!

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