Jordan and Lindsay Win DWTS! – Top 5 Performances of the Season

It wasn’t too much of a surprise.

The top two since week 1, it all came down to Jordan Fisher and Lindsey Stirling.  As it should.  Frankie Muniz made it all the way to the top 3 and was a crowd favorite for his hard work, style, and most of all dancing ability.  After a surprisingly great performance in Week 2, he made his name known as a contender.  But as Len pointed out, Frankie had an up and down season – most of it up but some of it not quite hitting on all cylinders.  Still, he did an amazing job as the number 5 best performance exhibits.

Lindsey Stirling came in second last night but not for lack of talent.  If either Jordan or Lindsey won it would have been no surprise as the two clearly were the best of the pack consistently. Her partner, Mark Ballas, was a perfect partner for Lindsey and showcased her talent with whimsical and highly creative dances like this #4 best performance Jive routine to Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.”

As amazing as that was, it wasn’t their best performance.  The honor of that goes to this amazing Sci-Fi Tango on Movie Night!  Highly inventive, incredibly creative, and filled with style and panache, it was simply emotional and gut-wrenching in a way few dances are.  This #3 best performance will blow you away.

Truly, Jordan Fisher was the best dancer.  As amazing as Lindsey was, Jordan was so smooth he was in a class all by himself.  His athleticism and style were fluid and it was honestly hard to tell who was the professional (Lindsay Arnold was and she is one of my favorites).  In one of my favorite performances of the season (#2 in my favorites), Jordan danced with fellow Disney Channel alumni Corbin Bleu in a mind-boggling routine.

But Jordan saved the best for last (or nearly last).  As great as his other performances were, he and Lindsay really stood out when they did this iconic number originally choreographed by none other than Mark Ballas and then did it even better.  This performance cemented his status as best dancer on the show if it hadn’t been assured before.  Everything about it was amazing and why it earned the #1 best performance of the season.  Congratulations, Jordan!

I had to include this bonus video though.  During the freestyle, Lindsey and Mark did a really creative number that highlighted not only Lindsey’s dancing ability but her talent with a violin which is her hallmark.  It wasn’t the best freestyle ever, but the sheer difficulty of playing while dancing was pretty impressive.  See for yourself!

As for the results of the DWTS Fantasy League, I’m still hoping for a win!  After picking the correct mirrorball champion all that’s left is the random selection of a winner.  Will you be tuning in next season? Tom announced that Season 26 will be an all athlete version of DWTS.  Is that good or not?  Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.

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