What Happens When You Are Queen For A Day? – Tangled the Series DVD Review

Jumping in the middle.

That’s what it felt like to see this one episode of Tangled: The Series.  If you haven’t watched the rest of episodes leading up to this 44-minute special, it won’t be hard to figure out what’s going on, but it will feel like you are in the middle of a story – which you are.  But it’s a really cute story.  Disney has released on DVD the special episode “Queen For A Day” where Rapunzel is left in charge of Corona when Queen Arianna and King Frederic leave to celebrate their anniversary.  Mishap and mayhem ensue as you can imagine, and Rapunzel has to do the best she can.

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The songs in this episode make it worth buying the DVD all by itself (although both are on YouTube it’s more fun when you see it in the context of the episode).  “I’ve Got This” is a fun and insightful song by Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) about how easy she thinks governing will be, only to find out it’s not quite as easy as it seems.  Composed by Alan Menken, you can sense his magic in it.  But my favorite song in the show is “Let Me Make You Proud.”  It’s a powerful song by Varian, the alchemist who is on a quest to free his father from some bizarre crystals and to make his father proud of him, something he doubts.  Composed by both Menken and Glenn Slater with lyrics by Slater, it’s a bit sad, very powerful, and incredibly sung by Jeremy Jordan (of Supergirl fame).

The story is more intricate than your average animated show on Disney Channel.  Not only is it longer, but it deals with some serious choices that Rapunzel has to make.  Not between right and wrong, but between right and right.  What is the most pressing need and what do you do when those needs conflict with a friend who needs your help?  Varian goes to Rapunzel for help, but the town is about to be over run by a blizzard.  She promised to help Varian, but doing so might endanger the entire kingdom.  It will be interesting to see where this leads Varian and if he’ll end up working against Rapunzel.

The cover art for the Tangled: Queen For A Day DVD

Overall, this is a cute addition to your collection, especially if you love Tangled and want to see what happens between the movie and the short Tangled: Ever After.  Apparently, a LOT happened and it’s great that Disney is filling in this missing history with something engaging and unique all on its own.  For under $10, this is a great deal and includes these “Inside the Journal” animated shorts (also on YouTube – they need to stop doing that).  A fun gift for the Tangled fans in your life!

  • Tangled: Queen For A Day can be found at your local store and online at Amazon.com.

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