Will Andi Say “Yes?” – Should She?

Disney Channel, why are you doing this to me?

Is it punishment? I’ll clean up my room! My daughter and I love Andi Mack.  It is such a well-written show with fully fleshed-out characters facing real world problems.  Season 1 was so well done, I wasn’t sure what direction they would go in Season 2, but so far it’s even better than the first.  But the mid-season finale left viewers on a cliff hanger – will Andi say “Yes” to Jonah’s proposal to be his girlfriend?  Or maybe more importantly, should she?

ANDI MACK – There’s A Mack In The Shack – Okay, seriously. Who wouldn’t want their own Andi Shack?

Asher Angel has done a great job portraying the affable if not sometimes clueless Jonah who doesn’t want to “define his relationships with labels.”  Please.  Jonah starts flirting with another frisbee player and breaks Andi’s heart even though he claims (and is probably telling the truth) that nothing is going on.  Still, considering that’s exactly how he met up with Andi, she has every reason to doubt him.  When she finally has the conversation about their relationship it sure seems like they are breaking up, but Jonah claims to Cyrus that was not his intention and Cyrus gives him solid advice – make sure Andi knows that.  But by the time he finally comes around, Andi is approached by a new kid who makes her feel special.  Jonah sees this and realizes what a doofus he has been and has a panic attack.  The show did a great job of tackling this real life issue for kids (and adults) with sensitivity and awareness.  At the end of the episode, Jonah comes to Andi’s door and tells her he was wrong and he wants to be her boyfriend if she’ll have him.  She responds, “Umm…..” And that’s it?!  Are you kidding me?

Andi Mack comes back in June meaning there is about a three month break between the first and second half of the season.  Too long !  The next episode previews seem to imply that Andi is giving Jonah a shot (we see him bringing Andi a present that looks like a ring or potentially a necklace?).  But I have to wonder.  Andi Mack isn’t afraid to do things differently so who knows?  Plus, Andi’s “Umm….” response is exactly the same as Bex’ response to Bowie and we all know how THAT ended up (with Bex telling Bowie “no” to his marriage proposal).  Still, Andi has never been afraid to be her own person so perhaps there will be a different scenario.

ANDI MACK – “Andi Mack,” a compelling story of self-discovery written by Terri Minsky, the creator of Disney Channel’s hit series “Lizzie McGuire,” will be available on-demand, beginning FRIDAY, MARCH 10 (12:01 a.m. PST), on the Disney Channel App, Video-on-Demand, Disney.com, Disney Channel YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Exclusive access to the second episode will also be available Friday, March 10, via Disney Channel VOD and to verified users of the Disney Channel App. (Disney Channel/Fred Hayes)

The show has done an admirable job tackling a variety of issues both personal and social during this season.  Buffy is dealing with an absent mom (not on purpose but because her mom serves in the military).  The stress and the expectations she puts on herself in the wake of her mom’s absence is strongly felt.  Cyrus is coming to terms with his becoming a man according to Jewish tradition and also dealing with his own coming out about being gay.  Cyrus also has to navigate having an extended family with two moms and two dads.  It hasn’t come up as a major plot point, but its good to see such diversity of family models in the show.  Andi, of course, is dealing not only with Jonah, but with a relationship with her newly discovered dad and trying to navigate that together with him.  Who can forget the letter Bowie wrote to Andi? “There are only two things I need in this life – the universe and you. And I can do without the universe.”  Who didn’t feel their heart at that point?

The show continues to hit on all cylinders and makes for great family programming.  I love that Disney Channel is growing up with my daughter and tackling issues that not only appeal to tweens and teens, but also bring up topics we can talk about together.  Thankfully, Disney has already renewed it for a Season 3. Here’s to hoping this show lasts a long time.

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