Hidden Treasures – Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire by The VOID

Now you CAN enter the Star Wars universe!

Step into the world created by George Lucas through a multi-sensory experience and feel like you are part of the Rebellion.  As an undercover operative, you are attempting to sneak onto an Imperial base and retrieve an artifact the Empire has taken.  Along the way, you’ll have to battle against Stormtroopers and make your way back to the ship.  But this isn’t just virtual reality.  This is virtual reality gone wild!

Unlike most virtual reality where you basically stand still in one spot and look around, this VR system is not only a 360 experience BUT includes tactile and olfactory components that are just out of this world (pun intended).  Referred to as “hyper-reality” you LITERALLY move through the station, carry a rifle blaster, and along with your teammates (up to four) you can see and interact with them not just virtually, but physically too.  It is a must-do for Star Wars fans of nearly any age (you must be at least 10 years old and 48″ tall for this attraction).

Location: Downtown Disney, Anaheim; Glendale Galleria and Disney Springs, Orlando
Type: Hyper-reality adventure
Duration: About 30-minutes to an hour total (actually in the experience maybe 20 minutes?)
Cost: $29.95
Craig’s Favorite: Submerging myself into the Star Wars universe

Group photo with John and Dallas after completing our adventure

You begin with Cassian Andor from Rogue One giving you instructions about your mission. Seeing Diego Luna come up on the screen was a treat and we knew we were in for a top notch production.  We were then asked to input our IDs.  Once we did, we were able to select the indicators on our Stormtrooper uniform so we could identify one another.  After the briefing, we were outfitted with VR visors and a vest that sits heavy on your body.  It’s meant to since the vest feels like armor and reacts when you get hit.  Once you lower the visor and enter the elevator you begin your journey.

It is amazing to be able to pick up a weapon, feel the action on the blaster as you pull the trigger, touch buttons, pull levers, feel the movement of the skiff, smell and feel the volcanic heat of Mustafar, and see your friends in Stormtrooper outfits.  It is so wild and feels like you are inside a Star Wars movie.  I had the feeling that there are more than one experience since we came out and the guide asked us what we found for our artifact seeming to imply there could have been a different artifact. Now, I’ll have to go back to see.

About to enter Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire in Downtown Disney, Anaheim

I don’t want to reveal everything about the experience since that is part of the fun.  But it is definitely worth it whether you are a Star Wars fan or not.   But if you ARE a Star Wars fan this is a must do attraction!  One of the cast members at The Void told us eventually you’ll be able to experience different adventures at the different locations.  When that will happen has yet to be revealed, but prepare to be in AWE!

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