Splitsville – A Tale of Two Menus: Disney Foodie Spotlight

Splitsville is indeed split!

Is it a bowling alley or a restaurant?  Yes. Does it feature sushi or bowling alley food?  Yes.  Is it an upscale restaurant or a family-friendly place? Yes.  Splitsville is indeed all of those things at once.  It’s a place where everyone will find something that will put a smile on their face and walk away happy.  Located in both Anaheim and Orlando, the newest one opened in Downtown Disney at Disneyland and is definitely worth a look.

Location: Downtown Disney District, Anaheim
Type: Sit down service
Specialty: Upscale bar food and creative sushi
Cost: About $20 per entree
Craig’s Favorite: The all you can drink bowling pin cup!

Now Splitsville is not the cheapest place on the planet and if all you wanted was a burger and fries you could get that for less inside the park.  But Splitsville offers a comfortable, relaxing, and FUN atmosphere where you can meet up with friends and play a game of bowling, listen to some music on the outside patio, or watch some sports on the TV near the bar.  Offering plenty of seating and plenty of options, you can find unique food that is as fun as the atmosphere.  And servings are BIG!  We ordered just the cone of fries and at $10 was expecting a standard cone of fries, but this thing was about a foot tall and filled to the brim.  Pretty tasty, too.

Speaking of things we’ve tried there, I’ve gone a few times now and ordered the Tempura Samurai Sushi, the Foghorn Burger, Loaded Fries, and my daughter ordered the California Crunch Sushi.  All of them were pretty good.  I was a little disappointed that the Tempura Samurai Sushi was not actually tempura-fried at all but instead covered with what tasted like panko breading.  Definitely different than the light crispiness of an actual tempura-fried roll.  Still good though but a totally different texture.  The Foghorn Burger was delicious with a nice light bun and tender, juicy meat in the middle, and loved the spiciness of it.  Loaded Fries didn’t seem great, but I just couldn’t stop eating them.  So I guess they had to be pretty good.  And my daughter enjoyed her California Crunch Sushi a lot.  I also ordered the souvenir bowling pin drink cup which came in quite handy.  Again, it’s pricey, but unlimited refills!  And of any soda you want!  They have one of those 100+ Coca Cola dispensers.  Plus, I was able to come back all week to refill my cup.  Pretty cool.

Overall, I like Splitsville and Downtown Disney in Anaheim needing something different like this.  In Orlando, there are so many amazing places, but even there, it’s nice to have a place where primarily locals would hang out, bowl a few games, and just enjoy spending time with friends.  The service is top notch and the food is good.

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