How Will You Celebrate Star Wars Day?

May the 4th Be With You!

There is SO much going on for Star Wars Day! How will you celebrate? For the Star Wars fan it is a day filled with special events, special offers, and a day to just contemplate the mysteries of The Force.  Here are my favorite ways to honor this day:

Some great Star Wars books recently published and lots of fun.

Read a Star Wars novel: Okay, I can’t begin to crack the number of awesome books out there for every age range.  From the recently released Chewie and the Porgs picture book to the young readers Choose-Your-Destiny: Star Wars A Han & Chewie Adventure, to one of my favs the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Read Along with voices from the cast.  But for the adults out there, you should pick up Last Shot by Daniel Jose Older.  I’m only about half way through but it is a great read, especially before Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out.  Detailing the friendship of Han and Lando, it is a space adventure worthy of your time.  Also, the Expanded Edition of Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Jason Fry is a good read.  It adds a lot to the story that you see on the screen.

From the battle screen for Star Wars Force Arena – the cool and menacing 40th anniversary Darth Vader

Indulge in Online Gaming: Maybe books aren’t your style.  There are tons of fun Star Wars games on your mobile device and tablet and many of them are offering special events or deals this weekend.  Personally, right now I’m playing a lot of Star Wars Force Arena where you build a team of your favorite characters and supporting units and battle in real time against other players around the world.  You don’t need to invest anything to play, but right now you have the chance to get special 40th anniversary versions of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker based on the original Ralph McQuarrie sketches! Plus, you can download Solo: A Star Wars Story emojis from Disney Emoji Blitz when you get those characters in game and you can play as various Star Wars Tsum Tsum in Disney Tsum Tsum.  But those are only a few of the many online #MayThe4thBeWithYou celebrations happening.

Star Tours with new scenes from Crait and Jakku makes for a fun updated attraction

Celebrate at a Disney Theme Park: Every Disney theme park has Star Wars related attractions, but Disneyland is hosting something special – a second Star Wars After Dark party on May 9th (so maybe buy tickets today to celebrate).  The first one (hosted on May 3rd) was so popular it sold out quickly.  This one will feature a book signing with fan favorite Ashley Eckstein of her new book, It’s Your Universe, the first chance to buy limited edition Solo: A Star Wars Story pins, special entertainment including a galactic dance party, themed food, and a commemorative lanyard with credentials.  Plus, beginning May 4th, the return of Hyperspace Mountain and photo op with Rey at Launch Bay!

The Last Jedi is out now for your Star Wars Day marathon!

Star Wars Marathon! What celebration would be complete without actually watching some Star Wars?  It’s too early for Solo but you can watch everything else from the prequels to the originals to the sequels right from the comfort of your home.  With The Last Jedi out on Blu-Ray and digital, you can spend a full day just on the main films alone, let alone Rogue One, Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels.  I’m still missing Rebels something fierce, but with the announcement of the new Star Wars Resistance, I’m VERY excited!  Should be out this Fall and will have the voice of Poe and Captain Phasma from the films!  And of course BB-8.

The upcoming Star Wars Resistance out this Fall will look at the rise of the Resistance and chronicle the exploits of Poe, BB-8, and Captain Phasma among others

So how will you celebrate Star Wars Day?  #MayThe4thBeWithYou …always.

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