Need Help Understanding the Marvel Universe? (book review)

Which way is up?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe can be confusing at times.  With 18 films in the can and more on the way (Yay! Ant-Man and the Wasp!), you might have some questions.  Marvel Studios 101 is the book for you.  I’ve watched all 18 movies and loved this book.  It asks questions I had been wondering about and it answered questions I hadn’t even thought to ask.  There are handy guides inside like “What order should I watch the films in?” and “Is Loki evil?”  It even has more basic questions like “What is Marvel?”  And it covers everything from the first Marvel film up to Avengers: Infinity War.

Title: Marvel Studios 101
Author: Adam Bray
Cost: $16.99
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (DK)
Ages: All
Genre: Non-fiction

I’ve often wondered this myself – Is Loki evil?

If you’re looking to find answers to questions like “What happens in the next film?” this book won’t answer those for you.  But if you have questions about a character that are puzzling you or want to know more about their motivations, this will have your answers.  As is typical of a DK book, the illustrations and photographs are high quality and interspersed abundantly.  DK specializes in providing great visual guides to their words, often letting the pictures fill in the gaps where needed and generally adding to the text.

From the very basic to the more complex, this book seeks to answer your questions

The book’s format is reader-friendly and simple to understand.  It basically follows along in chronological order of the films.  This allows the author Adam Bray to guide the reader through the somewhat complicated history of the MCU.  He begins with a brief introduction to Marvel in general and then divides the rest of the book into the three Phases of films.  In each phase he breaks down the essence of the films and offers commentary and explanation for them.  Adam peppers the description with humor that makes it even more fun to read.  In describing Thor he writes, “You might be wondering why he calls himself the God of Thunder if he’s actually wielding lightning, but it’s best to disregard that little discrepancy as mere semantics!”

Overall, Marvel Studios 101 is a great resource for fans of the film and for anyone new to the MCU.  It is an easy and fun read and a must-have for MCU fans.

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