Publish the Numbers ABC! – Dancing With the Stars

A travesty occurred on Dancing With the Stars

In the past, undeserving people have made their way through the season of Dancing With the Stars.  One could argue against David Ross getting to second place in Season 24 or Kirstie Alley in Season 12 or Bristol Palin getting to the finals in Season 11.  But this past week was truly a miscarriage of justice when Juan Pablo was sent home after two perfect scores.  True, the votes that sent him home were from last week – where he also had a perfect score.  He had the most perfect scores of any star on the show (5 compared to only 2 for Evanna and 1 for Milo and Alexis).  He had the earliest perfect score (Week 3 compared to Week 6 for Milo, Week 7 for Evanna, and Week 8 for Alexis).  He had the highest average score also.  And he was GOOD!

DANCING WITH THE STARS – “Semi-Finals” – The six remaining couples advance to the “Semi-Finals” as the competition heats up in anticipation of next week’s crowning of the coveted Mirrorball trophy on “Dancing with the Stars,” live on MONDAY, NOV. 12 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

So it was obvious fan voting doomed him.

Yet it saved someone Bobby Bones who has the 9th highest average score on the show and who’s highest scoring dance was a 24.  It’s pathetic.  I’d like to blame the fans, but I can’t even prove that is what caused Juan Pablo’s downfall.  Because ABC doesn’t publish fan voting results.  They don’t even publish fan voting rankings let alone the numbers.  They don’t publish how they weight the scores and how the final vote is tabulated.  So who knows why Juan Pablo didn’t go on?  Not even the judges seem to know.  So why doesn’t ABC publish the numbers?

Doing so could possibly prevent such travesties in the future.  If fans knew that there weren’t enough votes for Juan Pablo, maybe they would have voted more. Maybe Bobby Bones fans assumed that Juan Pablo – being the far superior dancer – would definitely move on and gave all of their votes to Bobby.  Maybe.  But we’ll never know because ABC doesn’t publish the numbers.  Former contestant and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban did a good job of explaining the process and why fan voting is so powerful.  But it would certainly help if ABC just published the numbers.

Maybe Juan Pablo would still be dancing…

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