Steamboat Willie Comes to Life Through LEGO

The classic that started it all.

Steamboat Willie is known the world wide for introducing the iconic hero, Mickey Mouse.  The “Turkey in the Straw” melody only needs to start playing and suddenly visions of Mickey whistling while captaining the ship, the S.S. Willie start playing in my head.  Now this iconic image comes to life through the world of LEGO!  It is a truly beautiful build with tons of working parts and of course Mickey and Minnie minifigures uniquely designed for this set.

It’s hard to believe this is a LEGO set.  It looks so real and with so much detail you’ll think you’ve been transported into the cartoon.  The entire set is done with a black and white theme just like the original and even includes the parrot featured in the short.  The bricks are all in white, black, and shades of grey and even Mickey and Minnie are molded after their Steamboat Willie counterparts.  Love even the Disney font on the boxes, boat, and music sheet.  One thing I don’t think was in the film is the “1928” on the side of the ship.  I’m sure it’s an homage to the date of the cartoon’s release.

Apparently, the two steam pipes on the ship move up and down and the paddle wheels rotate as the ship is pushed along, just like in the cartoon also.  At a price of $89.99 it is a bit pricey, but no more so than other sets of comparable size.  If you’re a Disney fan or a LEGO fan, this is a treasure you’ll want in your collection.  If you’re both, this is a must have!  It was one of the few sets I bought immediately when it came out – one for fear it would sell out right away and two because it is just such an iconic and cool set.

Now if they only had a music box that played “Turkey in the Straw” as you moved the ship…

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