Star Wars Nightlights Will Light Up Your Night (And the Lives of Others)

How would you like BB-8 to light up your room?

Or Darth Vader for that matter.  Maybe you’d like to fall asleep with a cool image of a TIE Fighter flying over your head.  Or watch a First Order Stormtrooper’s helmet change colors like it belonged on a disco dance floor.  Well, all of those can be true with nightlights by Jasco. But what impressed me about this company wasn’t just the nightlights (getting to that in a second), but when you light up your room, you are also lighting up someone else’s life.

Jasco donates 50% of all net profits to the charity of your choosing from these four categories

And that’s because Jasco donates 50% of all net profits to charities of your choice when you purchase online from them.  Who gives away 50% of their profits?  Pretty impressive.  If you’re like me, and let’s face it you probably are, you love it when the things you enjoy also make a positive impact on the world. Jasco supports four main charities – Water4, Food for the Hungry, Habitat for Humanity, and Convoy of Hope (disaster relief).  So when you purchase a product from them, you get to choose which of these four to support!

More than that, Jasco makes some amazing products.  Mostly known for their home electronics and lighting business, Jasco also makes night lights for kids and families (and let’s face it Star Wars fans, too).  Jasco makes fourteen different Star Wars night lights and all of them are high quality with energy saving features, well-crafted units, and FUN.  All of their night lights also only need one outlet to work so you are free to use the second outlet for something else.  Too many times we’ve had night lights that cover both outlets or were not stable enough to hang only from one, but Jasco night lights are really well constructed.

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Thanks to the folks at Jasco, our family got to try a few different kinds including the TIE Fighter Projectable which I have to admit I love.  I’ve got it hanging right now in our bathroom at home.  They work really well with just enough light so you can see in the dark, but not so light that it would be too distracting from sleeping (unless you are caught staring at the projected image!).  Just make sure your kids are old enough to know not to play with it when it’s plugged in.  It could be tempting because it looks so cool.   Ranging in price from $6.99 (mini R2D2 head) to $17.99 (most of the Projectables), they are affordable AND fun.  Be sure to check out their selection on the Jasco website and see which one might be right for you.

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