What Happened AFTER Beauty and the Beast? – Rebel Rose review

For fans of historical fiction comes a Disney twist!

Rebel Rose marks Disney’s first entry into this genre for young adults. And of course they do it with a flair for Disney magic. The Queen’s Council is a new line of books that sets Disney classic tales into an historical context. So what happens when you take Belle and put her in 1789 France? My niece, Rosalie, is our newest contributor to Disney Nerds and wrote this wonderful review of this intriguing book:

Emma Theriault’s book, Rebel Rose, is a phenomenal sequel to Beauty and the Beast. Theriault really brings the characters to life, but puts a modern twist on the story. She brings diversity to this fairy tale, unexpected turns and twists, and whoever reads this is in for a real treat. This book is amazing because it combines fantasy and history in one. The story takes place right after Belle and Prince Lio defeat the curse that surrounded the kingdom for many years. Belle and Lio are sure it’s gone forever, but while in Paris, Belle gets a feeling that it’s still lingering. France is almost at revolution and Belle has been warned that it’s coming their village’s way. She meets many new allies along the way, but she isn’t sure who to trust and who not to.

Belle (Emma Watson) and the Beast (Dan Stevens) in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic directed by Bill Condon – but what happens afterward?

Emma Theriault did a fantastic job grabbing your attention with all the character’s thoughts and hooking you with just the first few chapters. She really made it feel as though the story was playing out right in front of you and made you read on the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed this book, and I hope anyone who reads it will too. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars! If you have read The Land of Stories series or the Happily Ever After series, I definitely think you will enjoy this book as much as I did. I recommend this book for kids ages 10-15, and of course, die hard Disney fans.

Title: The Queen’s Council: Rebel Rose
Author: Emma Theriault
Cost: $17.99
Age: 10 and up (officially recommended for 14+ but my niece is a voracious reader and there was nothing inappropriate in the novel)
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Genre: Historical Fiction, Disney princesses

  • Thank you Disney Publishing for a chance to review this book!

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