Create Your Own LEGO Minifigures! – Only at Disney Springs

YOU can be the star in your own LEGO world!

Ever wanted to create your own minifigure? A minifigure that represented YOU in the LEGO world? Or maybe you wanted to create a minifigure of a favorite character or friend or family member. Now you can at the LEGO Store in Disney Springs. Positioned in the middle of the store you’ll see four fairly large machines with screens in the middle and minifigure accessories on top. Nearby is a printer ready to craft four-color designs onto your personally crafted minifig.

The new LEGO Minifigure Factory at Disney Springs is one of the few that exist in the world. According to the LEGO website there are three in the United States – Disney Springs, Downtown Disney in Anaheim, and the LEGO Store in New York on 5th Avenue. Although they do take walk-ups, you can make an advance appointment by going to the LEGO website and booking your spot before you go. Before you pick out your accessories, you start by figuring out what you want the body of your new minifigure to look like. They have a bunch of designs to choose from or you can design your own right there on the screen. You can also modify existing patterns they have by adding your own words on any body design – front or back. Most front designs have a corresponding back design, but you can design your own or pick a different one to suit your fancy. Once you plan what the body of your minifigure will look like, the LEGO technician can start printing it up for you while you choose the head, legs, hair/hat, and one accessory. Each minifigure comes on a brick with your name (or the name you choose for your minifig) on one side and the words “LEGO Disney Springs” on the other. What they put in NY and Downtown Disney I’m don’t know, but I’m sure it’s something similar.

LEGO Minifigure Factory machines at Disney Springs

At only $11.99 a piece, these are a great gift for any LEGO fan. They come in a cute box for easy display and storage and now you can personalize your LEGO town even more than you could before. The process is fun and easy and something the whole family can enjoy.

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