Delicious Disney Brings Walt Disney World Into Your Kitchen

Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World brings to life 50 years of culinary delights!

Recipes from the past to favorites of today, Pam Brandon and Marcy Carriker Smothers share more than just a list of ingredients. These two authors (along with a host of contributors who made it possible) share the history of Walt Disney World through food with stories and little known facts about some of our favorite dishes and the places they were served. Along the way there are food related stories about both the past and the present of Walt Disney World, from Kitchen Kabaret (I LOVED that!) to the brand new Space 220 and even a bit of background on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

For fans of Pleasure Island and the Adventurers Club, Kungaloosh is one of the recipes included in Delicious Disney

But of course the highlight are the recipes. For those who remember the Adventurers Club on Pleasure Island, you might be longing for Kungaloosh. Now you no longer have to wait, you can make it yourself! I never even heard of Lake Buena Vista Village (before my time I guess) but I’m dying to make Captain Jack’s Clam Dip. And the French Fried Ice Cream from The Golf Resort looks positively yummy. There is a whole section called “Gone But Not Forgotten,” dishes from places that no longer exist or have gone off the menu but are still fan favorites.

Most of the book are recipes from favorites that are still around, divided into sections that tell a story itself. Simple stuff like the Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake to some serious fine dining like Smoked Buffalo with Melted Fennel and Leeks. The good thing is none of the recipes (even the fancy ones) seem out of reach or too difficult to make. Pam and Marcy have done a great job of curating dishes that are fan favorites and still accessible. There’s even a section on dietary accommodations and sustainability! Those Gluten Friendly Beignets look absolutely delicious.

More than just a recipe book – menus, maps, and concept art make this a true history of WDW

And they not only have recipes from all four theme parks, but also the resorts surrounding the parks and even convinced the chefs from restaurants in Disney Springs to share some of their recipes. Food from places like The Polite Pig and Art Smith’s Homecoming are in here (two of my favorite restaurants in Disney Springs) along with others you are sure to enjoy. But again, this is more than just a recipe book. It is a tribute to the history of Walt Disney World. Original concept art of restaurants, menus, historical photographs of the parks adorn the inside of this book along with gorgeous pictures of the food. Whether you are a fan of cooking, baking, drink mixology, or plain old Disney history, you will love this book!

  • Thanks to Disney Publishing for a review copy of the book. From now through April 5, 2022 you can get this book exclusively through shopDisney or the Disney Parks.
  • For our exclusive interview with Marcy on her earlier book Eat Like Walt just click here

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