Encanto: Disney’s Newest Musical Wonder

Soundtrack features eight original songs by acclaimed songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda

Encanto is both original and classic at the same time. Like some of the most beloved of Disney films, the music defines this newest animated feature. Written and composed by famed artist Lin-Manuel Miranda with original score by Germaine Franco, these songs range in diversity from the fast-paced, signature, word-filled song “The Family Madrigal” that introduces us to this unique family to the beautiful and lyrical “Dos Orguitas” drawing you in with it’s melody and complex tones.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” in 21 languages on the official Disney YouTube music channel

Perhaps the most well-known of the songs on the soundtrack is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Already charting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, its haunting melody is easy to get caught up in and now you can hear it on Disney’s official music channel (DisneyMusicVevo) in 21 different languages! “Waiting On a Miracle” (currently at #48 on the Hot 100) is probably the most familiar type of tune you’ll hear from this soundtrack. It reminds me of “Let It Go” not in sound but in style and function of the song in the story. It’s a power ballad that express all of Mirabel’s frustrations and hopes for the future. It’s her coming out song when she faces all she’s held in for so long.

“Surface Pressure” (currently #9) will remind listeners of Miranda’s work on Hamilton with its snappy patter and hip-hop sound. But all of the songs are so rich in flavor and texture they create an unique blend of music not heard before in a Disney animated feature film. Plus, the infusion and influence of Latin music is a running chord throughout all of them adding to the original flair of the songs.

Mirabel Madrigal struggles to fit in a family where everyone has been blessed with magical powers – everyone but her. Determined to prove she belongs within this extraordinary family, she strives to contribute in meaningful ways—denying to everyone, including herself, that she feels all alone, even in her own house. Opening in the U.S. on Nov. 24, 2021, “Encanto” features Stephanie Beatriz as the voice of Mirabel and songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. © 2021 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Stephanie Beatriz gives life to many of these songs with her portrayal of Mirabel, and gives such an outstanding performance. Mirabel is instantly lovable, but at the same time so easy relate to her pain and struggle. Stephanie’s voice brings both the pep and the soulful introspection of Mirabel out through these songs. The album is a true “family” affair as Mirabel’s relatives bring many of these songs to life on their own. Together, they create a soundtrack that resonates so strongly with fans that it has worked its way up to #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and has the most Hot 100 songs for ANY Disney soundtrack – and given Disney’s musical reputation, that’s quite an achievement.

The Encanto soundtrack is available on all streaming platforms and can be purchased as a CD or pre-ordered on vinyl (set to release in April 2022).

Title: Encanto Soundtrack
Artist: Stephanie Beatriz and the cast of Encanto
Songs and Score: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco
Cost: MP3 – $7.99; CD – $10.49; Vinyl – $17.99
Publisher: Walt Disney Records
Genre: Soundtrack

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