What Are the Best Disney Cookies?

Disney does cookies right!

The level of food quality at a Disney resort has risen to unparalleled heights over the past twenty years. In the past, theme park food was an afterthought – overpriced hot dogs you had to buy if you didn’t want to leave. But now, theme park food has been elevated to another level and that includes cookies. Who would ever have guessed you’d be at a Disney resort and wait hours in line…for a COOKIE? Here’s our top 3 cookies at a Disney resort:

Huge meringues from Disneyland Paris

Coming in at number 3 is a cookie / not a cookie – the meringue at Disneyland Paris! It’s hard to classify a meringue but it has all the classic cookie elements – sugary, sweet, cake-like yet not a cake, a soft interior but with a firm exterior. So I’m calling it a cookie and the meringue at Disneyland Paris is better than any I’ve had before or since. Just delicious in so many ways! Especially the chocolate covered ones that look like Princess Leia. You know how you love something so much you immediately go back and buy some more? That’s what I did with this tasty treat.

At number 2 is one you won’t be surprised except maybe that it’s not number 1 – Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs. I had to wait HOURS in line just for the opportunity to BUY one of these cookies! I think there was a six cookie limit at the time, but one cookie can last you two full days. They are THAT big! Still, it was worth the wait (and the day we had to wait for hours, they had a mobile wait list so you could shop until your time came up). I had many I thought were good – Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Cookies and Cream just to name a few I tried (was not a big fan of lemon poppyseed, but that was the only one for me I wasn’t thrilled with). And it certainly is an experience!

My number 1 cookie at the parks is the Gingerbread Cookie at Disneyland! They have two different kinds of gingerbread but it’s the kind you get at the Grand Californian that is the best. They sell an equally good one at this year’s Festival of Holidays, but nothing beats the gingerbread cookie for overall flavor, taste, texture, and yummy goodness! I did see them one year at Jolly Holiday but not since. Are they pricey? Yes! But are they worth it? Yes, and then some!

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