Disney Foodie Spotlight: Dinner at Palo on the Disney Cruise

While going on a Disney cruise is really about taking the magic out to sea, they do offer a wonderful dining experience each and every night.  You might be tempted to bypass the “adults only” option they offer on each ship, not wanting to miss out on whatever is going on in your dining room, but don’t.  Whatever you do, don’t pass this opportunity up.  Sure, it costs a little more, but the experience is well worth it.  While only the two newest ships have Remy onboard, all four of them have one restaurant in common – Palo.  At only $20 extra per person, you’ll think it’s a steal!

First, if you’re hoping for a romantic dining experience, you won’t get it in the main dining rooms, whichever one you happen to be in that night.  But the ambiance at Palo is definitely set up for exactly that.  The elegant setting, the friendly and knowledgeable demeanor of the servers, the beautiful china – and the even more beautiful view out the window, you’ll feel like you were in a five star restaurant anywhere on the mainland (and seriously, where can you get 5-star service for only $20 each on land?).  A dress code is required – dress shirts and pants for the men and either a pantsuit or dress for the women – but it all goes toward giving it that special experience that it is.  The cuisine is Northern Italian, but that doesn’t mean all pasta.  You’ll definitely find something to satiate your hunger here, whether it’s seafood, steak, or ravioli.

And if you’re a dessert-lover, you need not be worried.  The desserts are truly out of this world!  They are known for their signature chocolate souffle, but have a wide variety of other delectable treats so be sure to try them.  My wife, Cassie, got this amazing orange soda float and what they did was bring it to the table where you assemble it yourself.  They bring the ice cream and orange syrup to the table in a glass with a chocolate cup sealing the top of the glass, then they pour the soda into the top of the chocolate cup and you take your fork and pierce the cup allowing the soda to fill the glass and mix with the ice cream and orange flavoring.  It was not only delicious, but fun!  They also have cheesecake, tiramisu, panna cotta, and many other treats.  They do have a menu on the Disney Cruise Line website, but don’t be surprised to find other items like this orange soda float as additions to what otherwise is a full and complete selection.

As an appetizer, the luscious and scrumptious lobster ravioli
As an appetizer, the luscious and scrumptious lobster ravioli

If you feel you absolutely must not miss the evening dining experience OR you just want a different lunch option, Palo does serve an amazing brunch buffet.  While there is still exceptional table service (they do come to your table and serve you not only beverages, but your main entree as well), you are free to get up and get plate after plate of wonderful antipasto selections – cured meats, cheeses, breads, and olives of course, but also smoked salmon, waffles, and pastries, and a pretty wide variety of foods.  Be warned not to get TOO full on the delicious antipasto selections – you still have your main entree coming!  Although, they will box it up for you to take back to  your room for a late night snack.  We even asked for an extra mini pizza to go one time and they were more than happy to accommodate.  Tips and gratuities are also extra and even though it only costs $20 a person, keep in mind the 5-star service you are sure to get and treat them accordingly!

If you want a little something extra, maybe some alone time with your significant other, a romantic dinner with your spouse, or just a little peace and solitude from the busy life of the ship, come to Palo and let the wonderful people there take care of you.  They will.

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4 thoughts on “Disney Foodie Spotlight: Dinner at Palo on the Disney Cruise

  1. Do people have to be as dressed up for the brunch? In other words, can a guy get away with wearing jeans and a button up shirt and a girl wearing black pants and a nice blouse?

    1. Thanks for the question! There is a dress code but it isn’t too severe. Dress pants and dress shirt for men and dress or pant suit for women. I wore khakis and a long sleeved shirt and that was fine. You’ll want to bring one nice outfit anyway since there is a “formal night” on board – so just use it twice. There are laundry rooms on the ship also if you are in a bind!

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