Magical Meals On Board the Disney Cruise (part 2 of 4)

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You will never go hungry on a Disney Cruise.  That I can promise you.  Good food is available all over the ship and on top of that, you will be able to find a bevy of different options to suit your tastes and cravings!  Everything from the elegant to fast food and pizza are located a plenty on board the ship.  And since it’s included with your cruise, you never have to pull out your wallet to enjoy it (except for alcohol which is extra).  But perhaps the best part of eating on the Disney Cruise is dinner!  Because that’s when you get to take part in the rotational dining experience.

Character brunch with Mickey and friends
Character brunch with Mickey and friends

Rotational dining is pretty self-explanatory.  Throughout your cruise, you will have the opportunity to rotate dining experiences from one of the three restaurants on board according to your seating time (either first or second seating).  While one group is eating, the other is free to enjoy whatever nightly entertainment is scheduled so you never have to worry about missing out on something since they repeat it.  And because you rotate each day, you don’t have to worry about not getting to eat in your favorite restaurant (unless you are on a VERY short cruise).  On longer cruises you might even get to eat in them more than once.  The only downside is you don’t get to pick so if Animator’s Palate is your favorite, you may not get to go back.  First seating tends to fill up quicker just because it’s at a more traditional meal time and especially if you have little ones would make it more convenient.  If this is extremely important to you, book early and don’t wait.

Saying goodbye to our serving crew on our last morning!
Saying goodbye to our serving crew on our last morning!

What I love most about rotational dining is that your servers rotate with you!  This allows them to really get to know you and be able to better anticipate your desires.  Our first trip was the best.  Our team was so on top of things that by the last two nights, they already had our drink order waiting for us on the table when we got there.  Just amazing.  We’ve always had terrific service on each cruise and the people are just the nicest.  If you have any dietary concerns or food allergies – no problem.  They are ready to accommodate you.  Feel like having a second serving of that fish dish you love so much?  Just ask!  Can’t decide between two things?  Have them bring both!  They are seriously there to make your meal the best ever.

Each ship has it’s own set of three dining experiences but they all have one in common – Animator’s Palate.  It is such an amazing dining experience with art that comes to life.  On the Magic and Wonder, the dining room transforms during the course of your dinner from black and white to color with images that also change with the experience.  On the Dream and Fantasy, the room is awash with color already and Disney friends from Finding Nemo visit you via screens on the walls.  Each ship also has a French-inspired restaurant – Lumiere’s on the Magic, Triton’s on the Wonder, Royal Court on the Fantasy, and Royal Palace on the Dream.  And the third dining experience is Latin/Caribbean based on the Wonder and Magic (Parrot Cay and Carioca’s respectively) and more surf and turf on the Dream and Fantasy (Enchanted Garden).  Of the ones we have experienced, other than Animator’s Palate I have LOVED the Enchanted Garden.  The room literally turns from day to night and it is beautiful.  And the food?  All of it is top notch and there is more than one item I always wanted to try.  My wife and I would each order something different and just taste test from each others’ plate.

The extremely beautiful Enchanted Garden on the Fantasy (and Dream)
The extremely beautiful Enchanted Garden on the Fantasy (and Dream)

If you want a private dining experience, you’ll want to try the adults only Palo (on all four ships) and Remy (on the Dream and Fantasy) restaurants.  For a small extra charge, you’ll get to dine in serious luxury.  They usually serve both brunch (on longer cruises) and dinner and the food is even better than in the main dining rooms.  Reservations do book up so try to figure out when you want to go right away and sign up.  It is certainly worth the extra cost!  You can read about our experiences in both restaurants in other posts on the Disney Nerds blog.

Dining is such a wonderful experience on the Disney Cruises, you’ll walk away with your taste buds and your stomach exceedingly happy!  Your waistline might have a few complaints because there is so much that is good to eat, but just tell it to be quiet.  You’re on vacation.

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