Disney Foodie Spotlight: Craving a Dole Whip Outside the Park? No problem!

The Local Place in Torrance, CA
The Local Place in Torrance, CA
The famous Dole Whip now found outside of Disneyland
The famous Dole Whip now found outside of Disneyland

Location: The Local Place, King’s Hawaiian
Type: Bakery and quick service restaurant
Specialty: Fast food Hawaiian-style
Cost: Good!
Craig’s Favorite: Other than Dole Whip? Bakery: Paradise Cake; Food: Hawaiian Chicken with Potato Mac Salad

If you’ve been to Disneyland, you know how popular the famous Dole Whip is.  The line to get one is almost always longer than the line to get into the attraction its attached to – the Enchanted Tiki Room.  And it’s tough to give up valuable ride time for even a treat as delicious as this one is.  However, now you don’t have to!  Just recently a fast-food restaurant and bakery in Torrance, CA called “The Local Place” began serving the delicious frozen treat.  You can get both the regular Dole Whip and the Dole Whip Float at this wonderful place that specializes in food from the islands of Hawaii.

Paradise Cake - a specialty at King's Hawaiian and the Local Place
Paradise Cake – a specialty at King’s Hawaiian and the Local Place
The wide selection of pastry items only begins here
The wide selection of pastry items only begins here

Known for their famous bread, King’s Hawaiian owns a couple of local restaurants in the Los Angeles area – the King’s Hawaiian Restaurant and this one simply called The Local Place.  Obviously, at both places you can get their signature round loaf of sweet Hawaiian bread, but they have a variety of other baked items as well – from one of my favorites Rainbow Bread (great for communion) to dinner rolls, breakfast pastries, cookies, cakes, and other great tasting treats.  One of the best of their baked items is the Paradise Cake. Three delicious layers of yummy, soft, spongy, melt-in-your-mouth cake featuring guava, passion fruit, and lime flavors and topped with a smooth whipped cream frosting.  I’m not normally a whipped cream kind of person, but it works so well on this cake and this combination of flavors really is subtle, smooth, and creamy overall.

Where you order your delicious food...
Where you order your delicious food…

If you decide to eat there, many people swear by their breakfast options – especially the King’s Hawaiian French Toast.  Imagine that yummy King’s Hawaiian bread served french toast style.  But for me, I love the lunch/dinner menu.  If you’ve never been, you need to try the Hawaiian Chicken Plate with steamed rice and potato mac salad.  Potato mac salad is such a staple of Hawaiian plate lunches and King’s Hawaiian is about the best I’ve had.  I always take home an extra side for eating later.  The Hawaiian Chicken are deep fried nuggets of chicken in a semi-sweet batter that gives it both a mix of savory and sweet tastes in one bite.  But if that isn’t your thing, they also have a bunch of other options – teriyaki beef and chicken, kalua pork (which is a pulled pork with salt and smoke flavors), mahi mahi, chicken katsu (fried chicken in a panko batter), and other great items.  There are tons of other terrific items on the menu that you’ll just have to try for yourself.  Some Hawaiian favorites include Loco Moco, Spam Musubi, and Lau Lau!  So come for the Dole Whip but leave with a full stomach!

7 thoughts on “Disney Foodie Spotlight: Craving a Dole Whip Outside the Park? No problem!

  1. I love the Local Place! Even though we live all the way down in the OC, we’ll happily drive the half hour to get our Hawaiian food grub on there. Thanks for blogging about their Dole Whip, I’ll probably be getting one sometime this week!

    1. It’s DEFINITELY worth it! Tastes just like the ones in the Park except you don’t get the fancy little umbrella. Oh, well. The trade off is great potato mac salad, Hawaiian chicken, and paradise cake. I’ll take it.

  2. Hello Disneynerd,

    I am the marketing assistant for King’s Hawaiian(R) restaurants in Torrance. Thank you for writing such a great blog. We have a few more Dole Whip specials in the works and would love to invite you back in the next few months. Could you please email me at erica.fensten@kingshawaiian.com Would love to have your contact info and be in touch. Thank you

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