An American in Tokyo Disneyland – Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The front of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel - which ironically I almost never got to see since I entered most often through the back.
The front of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel – which ironically I almost never got to see since I entered most often through the back.

Updated 4/2016

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel defines guest hospitality.  Each morning when I woke up, a newspaper was at my doorstep.  Not unusual except that it was IN ENGLISH!  After the first time I called down to the front desk, it was an English-speaking person who picked up each and every time.  And whenever anyone came to my door, they spoke English.  It may seem to be a little thing, but in a country where most people do not speak your language, it was especially comforting and indicative of how the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel just goes the extra mile.  I always felt like I was their number one priority.  Oh, and don’t tip.  Tipping is not expected and considered insulting even at a resort hotel.

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The room itself was pretty interesting.  The beds are small.  Don’t be fooled that they call them “double” beds.  They don’t sleep two people (the website even says so).  Each room does come with a trundle bed for a third person and if you get a room with an alcove (like the Peter Pan room I got when I stayed there), it can sleep up to four.  In the restroom the shower was literally attached to the wall.  No glass shower door or separate area to shield it from the rest of the room.  Everything just drains into a hole on the floor.  It was actually a really nice shower and the water flowed great, but just unusual the first time you walk in.

The grounds are beautiful.  Stylized gardens surround the place with topiaries of your favorite characters.  The hotel itself offers some wonderful amenities including a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (for dressing like a Disney Princess) and Disney Mercantile, the hotel gift shop that carries unique hotel specific souvenirs as well as other Disney paraphernalia.  Looking Glass Gifts is a wonderful shop not just for souvies, but also for a nighttime snack.  They carry a nice variety of items, but many of the freshly made foods get eaten early so there are usually slim pickings after 8pm.  There is a pool that hotel guests can use for free (Misty Mountain Pools) but it only operates from July 4 – August 31.  Interesting note: guests with tattoos might be asked to cover them up.

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When we visited in 2015, our family came to eat at the Sherwood Garden Restaurant.  The buffet is lavish with lots of both familiar and different things to eat.  Breakfast according to the website is American and Japanese-style food but lunch and dinner has a huge variety to choose from including things like dim sum, steamed fish, and prime rib.  Their desserts tend to be less sweet on average, but really beautiful to look at.  They are meant to lightly finish off a very hearty meal.

The wifi network they set up just for me in my room. Pretty cool.
The wifi network they set up just for me in my room. Pretty cool.

They do have internet access, but at the time it was only available by hooking up your computer to the network via cable.  I hadn’t brought one with me so I contacted the front desk and they sent someone up who actually installed a wifi network right in my room along with the correct power strip for my American computer needs.  It was the ultimate in guest service.

There are lots of other amenities for staying on property including free access to the Disney Resort Line which transports you via monorail to both parks and any of the other hotels.  You can also purchase tickets right from the hotel (which offers the added benefit of accessing both parks starting from the first day of your visit).  And by being a hotel guest you can take part in Happy 15 – a 15-minute early access window to everything.  Believe me, those 15 added minutes are the difference between two or three additional attractions in just the first hour!  Guests at the hotel also have the opportunity to purchase hotel-specific exclusive merchandise only available to hotel guests.  On top of that, hotel guests can arrange for priority seating.  While there are no reservations, you can be put at the front of the line my asking for priority seating in advance.  So many benefits for staying at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.  When will you book your visit?

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