Disney Foodie Spotlight: Lucky Fortune Cookery at Disney California Adventure

Fortune says: You will find filling rice bowls at Lucky Fortune Cookery.  Well, they don’t actually say that, but you do get a fortune cookie with every meal ordered at this counter service restaurant that specializes in Asian-style rice bowls.  The nice thing is that they have great combinations of flavors at this eatery so you can be sure to find something you like.  Whether it’s the fruity flavor of mandarin oranges (where they put ACTUAL mandarin oranges in your bowl), the hot flavors of the Spicy Korean sauce (although the heat tastes more like Sriracha which can best be described as American Asian), the sweet yet tangy taste of teriyaki, or the taste of Thai Coconut Curry, you can have what you want on your choice of meat.  There are three to choose from – chicken, beef, and for the non-meat eating crowd – tofu!  No one is left out at this place.

Choose one from Column A and one from Column B
Choose one from Column A and one from Column B

Location: Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure
Type: Counter service / Fast food
Specialty: Rice bowls
Cost: Pricy but filling
Craig’s Favorite: Spicy Korean Sauce

However, because the style of cooking is adaptive (meaning, the food is made to order for each individual) and must be done quickly, you won’t get the same textures or flavor combinations you might come to expect from other Asian restaurants.  If you order the mandarin orange sauce over your chicken, don’t be surprised when you don’t get the traditional “orange chicken.”  This food isn’t deep fried or coated in any way.  Instead the sauce is poured over the food (probably stir-fried together with it) and after done cooking the entire meat / veggie combo is dumped over the rice so that the sauce drips into the bed of rice at the bottom of your bowl.  By bowl, I mean large Chinese food container.  Sort of like the ones you’d expect to see at a typical Chinese restaurant except more round in shape and larger.  It’s actually very easy to hold with one hand.  Although they give you chop sticks, I would recommend getting a fork from the utensils and condiment counter off to the side so you can really scoop up the rice, meat, and veggies together.

My sister and her two beautiful daughters eating at the Lucky Fortune Cookery - you can see the difference in bowl sizes.
My sister and her two beautiful daughters eating at the Lucky Fortune Cookery – you can see the difference in bowl sizes.

At $10.49, you do feel full after eating it, but it is by no means a bargain.  Still, for quality food with an Asian flavor, it’s worth the price.  The much smaller (and I do mean MUCH smaller) kids meal at $6.99 really isn’t worth it.  Get them a full size meal and just split it or save half for later (the nice thing is the meal containers double as to-go boxes).  Disney has done a great job incorporating not only a variety of new items on their menus but also they have not been afraid to indulge in different cuisine types which enhances the variety and also the appeal to eating in the park.  Whereas at one time you felt you simply had your choice of hamburgers or hot dogs, Disney has once again gone above and beyond other theme park experiences and offered the guest quality food with many choices at reasonable (for theme parks) prices.

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