The Star Wars – The Most Exciting Comic Book on the Stands

The Death Star aka The Imperial Battle Station from the George Lucas adaptation of The Star Wars
The Death Star aka The Imperial Battle Station from the George Lucas adaptation of The Star Wars

Star Wars fans can’t ever seem to get enough.  Especially when it comes to the beloved original trilogy.  Where George Lucas has been storing these little nuggets for the past 36 years is unknown, but now something new is on the horizon – The Star Wars.  No, that wasn’t a typo.  The Star Wars is an 8-issue limited comic book series released by Dark Horse Comics and is based on the original rough draft that Lucas wrote for the classic film.  In it, Luke Skywalker is a crusty, old general, reminiscent of Obi-Wan Kenobi.  His padawan is Annikin Starkiller who boasts long, blond hair and a foppish attitude.  Princess Leia is still spunky and feisty but more of a teenager.  And apparently Han Solo is a green-skinned alien who looks like a cross between Martian Manhunter and Swamp Thing.

Darth Vader is still evil and remarkably made of flesh and blood.  The “armor” of a Sith is similar in some ways to the armor Darth bears in the movies, but is more haunting and animal in nature.  In fact, the one character who is most like the Darth we know is actually Annikin’s father, Kane who reveals himself to be more machine than man.  And the Death Star isn’t called that.  Although it can devastate the surface of a world, so far it hasn’t shown the firepower to utterly destroy a planet into asteroid pieces the way its on-screen version could do so.  Still the series hasn’t lost any of it’s luster because of it.  In fact, it brings excitement to the Star Wars Universe in a whole new way.  More reminiscent of old time serial adventures, this version of everyone’s beloved story seems to be less space opera and more space western.

A different vision of Luke Skywalker
A different vision of Luke Skywalker

For fans of the movies, it is fascinating to see how different Lucas’ original ideas were from what ended up on the screen.  It’s fun to look at images of favorite characters and notice how different they are or how different their characterization is.  And it’s neat to see different twists on familiar themes.  Annikin’s relationship to Leia in issue #2 is more reminiscent of Anakin’s and Padme’s from Episode II than it is to Luke and Leia’s in “A New Hope.”  C3PO looks more like Ralph McQuarrie’s original sketches.  And R2D2 talks!  No more, “Beep boop.”  Mike Mayhew does a great job with the artwork, blending the look of realism and fantasy together well and J.W. Rinzler’s script is well-fleshed out.  Overall, this is a great addition to the Star Wars saga – a Star Wars that almost was and now can be.  Pick up your copy at the local comic book store today!

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