River Belle Terrace – Something simple but tasty (Disney History)

The River Belle Terrace - Adventureland entrance
The River Belle Terrace – Adventureland entrance
The Messy Mississippi BBQ Pork Sandwich
The Messy Mississippi BBQ Pork Sandwich

Before River Belle Terrace was made into a sit-down table service restaurant, this is what it was like! Circa 2014.

Location: Disneyland, Frontierland
Type: Counter Service
Specialty: Sandwiches and carved meats
Cost: Mid-range ($11 – $13 per person without drink)
Craig’s Favorite: The desserts

If you’re looking for something simple to eat that everyone will enjoy, this might be the place for you.  The menu itself is very simple but with something for everyone – turkey for the poultry lover, roast beef for the meat and potatoes person, catch of the day for the seafood fan, and black bean cakes for the vegetarian among us.  They also have sandwich versions of both the turkey and the roast beef alongside a BBQ pork sandwich.  Overall the menu is simple and good.  It’s not the best food in the park, but if you are craving what they are offering, you can’t go wrong and the price is very reasonable.  They give you plenty of food and the nice thing is there is also plenty of seating even though it’s in the main thoroughfare near Pirates of the Caribbean.

A bevy of delicious desserts
A bevy of delicious desserts

There were two highlights for me – the toppings bar and the desserts!  After you get your food, they have a condiments / toppings bar with a variety of extra goodies for your salad, sandwich, or just to eat.  Everything from pickles to pickled onions to jicama salad are available as well as warm mushrooms which I always love.  The seasonal vegetables during this visit were a corn / lima bean medley which looked good but I’m not a lima bean fan so I delved into the toppings bar and it was great stuff!  I really enjoyed the different pickled flavors and the mushrooms as well.  The desserts all looked good – even the green grasshopper pie (not pictured).  But I went for the classic key lime pie (in a cup).  It was very good.  A bit more tart than I’m used to, but had a good flavor, a good mix of graham cracker crust (not too much) and lime filling, and plenty of it.  Only weird thing was this strip of green they put on the top.  It wasn’t a lime or even a lime rind, but of unknown origin.  Still it didn’t take away from the goodness of the pie!

The turkey plate with sides
The turkey plate with sides

The entrees were good, solid food, but very basic.  A little big on the bun for my taste and the biscuit that came with the entree was serviceable but not excellent.  It wasn’t bad by any means, but not really flaky or buttery or melt in your mouth.  The turkey wasn’t dry and the potatoes were hearty, but none of it stood out.  It is still leaps and bounds better than most theme park food and because the standards are getting to be so high at Disneyland perhaps it’s unfair to judge them by such high standards.  I certainly wasn’t lacking for good food and they gave very good portions.  Definitely still recommended – especially if you’re looking for key lime pie.

  • Other great tastes in the area if turkey and roast beef are not your thing – try the French Market or Cafe Orleans!  Both are quite good.

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